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From: Julian Assange – WikiLeaks
Subject: WikiLeaks – hope you can help

Date: Saturday, 4 December, 2010, 3:21

Dear ***,

As you may have heard I am facing arrest in the United Kingdom in relation to extradition attempts by Sweden and probably the US.

If this happens I will be stuck in solitary confinement during my defence unless I can raise the necessary funds for bail and representation.

I am reaching out to you in regard to this matter and I am also looking at support to defend our other WikiLeak people.

If you can assist or you know someone who could please contact me here or my solicitor Jennifer Robinson ( +44(0)75 8452 9148 or +44(0)78 3111 5000) of Finers Stephens Innocent LLP.

Hope you can help,


Julian Assange – WikiLeaks


(updated 12 06 0715CET)
I was out to check if they´d put on something new, but look what i´ve found:
None of the new domains, neither the IP (this may be the cause…)
seems working, but

The main server can be accessed on the following addresses:
or directly at
…mirrors list not rly a mirror but is pretty useful.

(updated 2010 12 06)
The swiss domain is back. Same with and . There are 3 different servers the domains seems to resolve to : the Bahnhof servers (you know – in the cave), another swedish IP which redirects to the the french servers, which are up and running too.