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A tervek szerint december 20-án elfogadja, még idén kihirdeti és januártól hatályba is lépteti az új médiatörvényt a kétharmados parlamenti többség. Ezzel az utolsó elem is a helyére kerül a kormány médiaszabályozási rendszerében- amely ebben a formájában alkotmánysértő, több ponton súlyosan korlátozza a vélemény- és sajtószabadságot, s egyben az újkori médiaviszonyok ismeretének teljes hiányát is tükrözi. Az igazodást elutasító sajtó ellehetetlenítésére viszont tökéletesen alkalmas.
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(the Australian) THE US Government has confirmed that it is preparing for the legal pursuit of Julian Assange as yet another political heavyweight branded the founder of WikiLeaks a “terrorist”.

Vice-President Joe Biden confirmed that the Justice Department was investigating ways to make the freedom of information activist accountable under US law for his actions. “We’re looking at that right now,” Mr Biden told NBC’s Sunday talk show Meet the Press.
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(The Register) Greek police have reportedly arrested a web designer whose name appeared in a press release issued by online hacktivists Anonymous last week.

The PDF-format press release outlined Anonymous’ loose-knit structure and immediate objectives of launching online attacks against organisations that have severed commercial ties with Wikileaks. The properties of the document contained the name of the author, Alex Tapanaris, who has now become a suspect in the case. read more…


Manifesto of the Anonymous Nomad


Manifesto of the Anonymous Nomad



Though not a name – it is a proper name,

masking forces,

that constitute a body before unknown.


Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea…



I am no static statue,

no idéfix.

My body is eternally shifting,

dynamic – psychotic fantasy.

There is no one interior where I reside,

for I am deterritorialized.



Opposed to the bureaucrats of the imperialist,

I confound codes,

Laws – Contracts – Institutions,

tools of internalization in hands of bureaucrats.

Am I but a force of creation,

or a realization

of a fantasy most dear to me.


My opposition:

A result of love for those I oppose,

and what they stand for.

They tricked me into believing,

that which they themselves could not.

Will I tyrannize my former tyrant,

or will I become a tyrannizing despot,



To all the names in history:

The time has come to sacrifice that name.

No fear,

it is not a sacrifice made out of tragic motives,

for the very first time in history

you may sacrifice out of comedic desires

–      lulz.

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