Athens’s calling. News from Menidi and Keratea

(eagainst) 5/1/2011: A policeman of the “DI.A.S” motorcycle force ran over a 6-year old girl in the area of Menidi in NE Athens. The six-year old girl was signing the carols with another child. In Greece, the 6th of January is the Epiphany day and many children sing carols. According to eye-witnesses he dragged the child for about 150 meters and did not stop to offer any help.

The officer has been detained in the police station of Nea Ionia. The area is bursting! Around 100 people gathered at the spot of the assassination and attacked the riot police. (article @

20:42: The officer has been set free. The Prosecutor’s Office will conduct preliminary screening to determine if the officer will face criminal liability for manslaughter and bodily harm through negligence. The legal file that has been opened against the officer does not include the witnesses of people who saw that he abandoned the little girl. The prosecutor found enough to list only the assassination event. Read more…


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