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(Jan 6th 2011 by The Economist online) Viktor Orbán and Hír TV – The Christmas issue of The Economist, dated December 18th, included a story on Hungarian politics. The piece was accompanied by a picture of the prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

Yesterday Hír TV, a Hungarian television channel, ran a news story alleging that we had digitally manipulated the image of Mr Orbán before publication to materially alter his appearance. This is untrue. The uncropped picture, as purchased from the AFP news agency, is above, left. The image as it appeared in The Economist is to its right. read more…

( BANGLADESH—Dozens of people were killed after a devastating blaze raced through a garment factory that supplies major multinationals such as Gap and JCPenney near Bangladesh’s capital.
Many of the dead included trapped workers who jumped from the smouldering building engulfed by flames, said witnesses at the scene.

Fire official Golam Mostafa said Tuesday’s fire started in a 10-storey factory owned by local business giant Ha-Meem Group in the Ashulia industrial zone, just outside Dhaka. It was not immediately clear what caused the blaze, and the government ordered an investigation.

Bangladeshi Interior Minister Shahara Khatun said after visiting the site her ministry would probe whether it was related to recent violent protests at textile factories over wages. read more… read commentary at propagandalalaland…