Climate Activists Disrupt Keynote Address of Biomass Trade Show

( Seattle, WA – Yesterday morning we stormed in on and disrupted the keynote address at the Pacific West Biomass Conference and Tradeshow, an expensive gathering for the wealthy elite and the timber industry to figure out how to best exploit the planet. We blew whistles and shouted that despite all their lies and greenwashing, we will never compromise. We made a scene until they physically removed us.

The biomass industry has latched onto the fact that its fuel source at some point originated as woody plant matter, and uses this as “proof” that biomass is carbon-neutral, sustainable, good for the planet, and good for people. We know this is a lie. Forest biomass is a handout to the timber industry, and logging our forests to generate electricity and to heat buildings will never be sustainable. Biomass incinerators pollute the air and are usually sited in economically disadvantaged communities that don’t have the resources or power to fight them. Forests are clearcut to make way for crop biofuels, which drive up the price of food and displace subsistence farmers in the global South.

The Pacific West Biomass Conference and Tradeshow exists for people who profit off the destruction of the planet to network with each other. Peter Goldmark, Washington Commissioner of Public Lands and the keynote speaker, remarked that his “hope is that each of you succeeds because we must find new ways to power everything from your iPhones to your airliners,” and announced plans to convert Washington public forests to jet fuel. The Department of Natural Resources, the timber industry, and the biomass industry don’t care about climate justice, public health, or conservation. They are not interested in the fundamental alteration of our way of life (the destruction of capitalism and end to war) that must occur to stop climate change, they want new energy sources to power their fancy electronics and war machines. The only “green” they care about is money.

And you’re welcome, we’ll eat your free breakfast anytime.

– Some anarchists

January 12th, 2010

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