Anonymous continues protesting – new Tunisian targets

@Anony_Ops now Protesting against TARGET:
& Port 80 #opTunisia Join the IRC for more details.

inetnum: -
netname:      ETAP
descr:        Entreprise Tunisienne des Activites Petrolieres
descr:        Avenue  K.Pacha ,    Tunis
country:      TN
admin-c:      PA1317-AFRINIC
tech-c:       ER149-AFRINIC
status:       ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:       ATI-MNT
mnt-lower:    ATI-MNT
changed: 20010401
changed: 20020214
changed: 20020923
changed: 20050205
remarks:      data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221
source:       AFRINIC
parent: -

person:       PDG ATI*
address:      ATI
address:      13 rue Jugurtha Mutuelle-ville
address:      1002 Tunis - Tunisia
phone:        +216  71  846 100
fax-no:       +216  71  846 600
nic-hdl:      PA1317-AFRINIC
mnt-by:       ATI-MNT
changed: 20020212
changed: 20040119
changed: 20050205
remarks:      data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221
source:       AFRINIC

person:       Equipe Reseaux
address:      ATI
address:      13 rue Jugurtha Mutuelle-ville
address:      1002 Tunis - Tunisia
phone:        +216  71  846 100
fax-no:       +216  71  846 600
nic-hdl:      er149-AFRINIC
mnt-by:       ATI-MNT
changed: 20020212
changed: 20040119
changed: 20050205
remarks:      data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221
source:       AFRINIC

*ATI is an acronym for Agence Tunisienne d’Internet.

  1. (
    The Thin Dark Line of War

    Dear Ben Ali and Tunisian Leaders

    We, the citizens of Tunisia and the members of “Anonymous”, very much so
    dislike the murders that your nation has commited.

    The line between war and peace is thin and dark. As it is, your foot is
    practically on it.

    We, the above mentioned, will warn you one time and one time only.

    Do NOT cross that line. Do that and we will make your life a living hell.

    Sincerely with rage,


    We are legion.
    We will not forgive your murders.
    We will not forget your injustices.
    Keep expecting us.


    written by
    translated on january, 13th, Paris, 13h52


    Press Releases

    The self-immolation of young Mohamed Bouazizi sparked a revolt in Tunisia unprecedented. The sacrifice is not suicide, it is an act of courage for the crowd to show the absolute rejection of the practices of power that prevents you literally live and that is why the people have decided once and for all put an end to the dictatorship.

    This document is intended to inform readers of the true nature of the regime established by Ben Ali, a man who has distributed to his immediate resources of the country and plays the role of arbiter between the various holders of wealth, withdrawing to some and giving to others in a waltz allegiances which completely removed him from the realities of Tunisia.

    This logic of power has led to serious decay if values that the society drift quickly and safely to the decline or when religious fundamentalism, considered as the last refuge of dignity.

    Besides the crowd movements as spontaneous revolts Redeyef in 2009 and Sidi Bouzid, which have spread to the entire republic, and where the slogans chanted by the crowd are against the corruption of the family of Ben Ali, a multitude of writings and papers since 1988 have condemned the excesses of the regime, whether political or financial.

    On political excesses, just read the statement of 7 November 1987 to be convinced of the total lack of political will and this absence is confirmed by the fact that Ben Ali accepts and covers the criminal practices of his immediate entourage, and this, in full sight of everyone and with the complicity of many members of all branches of the state.

    The case we present target actions performed by the immediate surroundings of Ben Ali. The list is not complete because some close to the government operating through nominees and monitoring of operations becomes more difficult.

    Although all sectors of the economy has been affected by the greed of relatives of Ben Ali these are obviously the big markets and best companies in the country who have been referred first. Thus, privatization were all operated illegally and in total contradiction with the law and regulations.

    The first major victim of these operations is the Tunisian, a state that has been completely gutted by Ben Ali and his entourage, and this, to ensure his grip on the country by eliminating any dissenting voice and create up to scratch a puppet opposition.

    Committee of salute public

    Regarding the “business” which became the main activity of Ben Ali and his entourage, we present below an initial list of wealth accumulated by Ben Ali and his family, and this with an arrogance that sheds light on the mentality of these individuals who have no political consciousness, who are convinced that Tunisia is theirs and which substitute for the state.

    As discussed below, the weight of Ben Ali and his relatives in the country’s economy is increasingly important, so that the economic game is heavily affected.

    The locking of the economy and prevents any development investment in key sectors which causes a flattening of the economy from the bottom. Clearly, the opaque management of the economy and the phagocytes of economic instruments lead the country towards a disaster unprecedented in the history of Tunisia, especially since the denunciation of this state of affairs is impossible because of locking total information and blocking – organized by Abdelwahab Abdallah – of any emergence of a civil society.

    This dynamic contributes very quickly to the disintegration of the Tunisian society and the emergence of extremes.


    Clan Ben Ali began its enrichment through the credits without guarantees granted by the national development banks. These practices, pushed to extremes, have undermined these institutions. So to have a free hand, the clan decided to appropriate financial institutions.


    The takeover of BIAT was operated in a completely opaque by a family close to the government. Mabrouk brothers drew a forceful takeover of that bank, one of the jewels of the Tunisian banking sector. Family Mabrouk, who was already wealthy under the former regime, and even before Independence, has always maintained close ties with the ruling regime. She now has a trading and financial empire that was built from the union with Ben Ali, on-going rights and nudges “from above”.


    The Bank of Tunisia, one of the oldest banking institutions in the country, known for his professionalism and excellent management, fell into the hands of Mr. Belhassen Trabelsi, brother of Mrs. Ben Ali. The takeover of the bank was made in a way that resembles a real holdup. Several large shareholders have been presented with a fait accompli and the bank’s management was given to Ms. Abdallah, Abdelwahab Abdallah’s wife, who, with Abdelaziz Ben Dhia, is one of the two pillars of the regime, and which is, as we shall see later, the man who blocked any emergence of a civil society in Tunisia.


    While the World Bank and IMF in denouncing their reports sent to the Tunisian authorities’ surbanking “of the country (too many banks relative to the needs of the economy) and suggest the need to make mergers and mergers of banking institutions, government, through the governor of the central bank, bank issues two licenses to two sons-President, Bank Zaytuna for Mr. Matri and MEDIOBANCA for Mr. Slim Zarrouk.


    It is not about taking control of a bank, but an insider who has deprived the state of a considerable income for the benefit of the family. It should be noted that the sale of the South Bank to the group Hispano-Moroccan ATTIJARI BANK has made through an insider trading co-opted by the State: Sakhr El Matri, son of Ben Ali had bought cheap shares a portion of the South Bank and sold them with a big capital gain, at the time of the takeover bid launched by the Hispano-Moroccan group.

    Commission of control transfers to the central bank

    Huge abuse were recorded in the transfer of money abroad. movements back hundreds of billions are made in complete contradiction with the Tunisian law transfers of currency. A commission of inquiry must be held to stop this scourge leak currencies enjoyed Ben Ali and his relatives.

    The clearing of debts, the prince’s privilege

    As we will see in this example, the authorities use national banking institutions for purely family reasons. Thus, after the refusal of parents to see their daughter Mhenni marry a family member, Ben Ali, for “forcing” them to accept this marriage annulled all debts of Mr. Rauf Mhenni, who immediately recognized the alliance!

    The transport sector

    The company Ennakl: Volkswagen – audi – porsche – seat – KIA

    The national society has been virtually ENNAKL offered to son Ben Ali, Sakhr El Matri, who without any personal contribution , through loans (no guarantee) by the BNA,found himself at the head of this company. The latest check of 17 million dinars deposited by Sakhr El Matri pledged to the Ministry of Finance would not have been paid to date.

    It is also worth mentioning that according to experts, the real value of the company would be at least 300% greater than the value of the transaction. Upon taking control of the company by Mr. Matri, import licensing of vehicles, which were granted in dribs and drabs as the country’s needs, have been issued with a vengeance and we are even arrived to import Porsche that cost just under 500 thousand dinars! This is absolute nonsense in a country like Tunisia.

    Regarding KIA, Korean manufacturers have come up in Tunisia for an industry manufacturing parts, and again, it’s a near Ben Ali, Sakhr El Matri, who took over the import license and vehicle distribution.

    The company “Le Moteur”

    The company Le Moteur, one of the jewels of the state, owner of “maps” Mercedes and Fiat, among others, was privatized under very obscure conditions to the benefit of Cyrine Ben Ali and her husband, Marwan Mabrouk.

    The privatization decision was followed by the shelving of the Secretary of State for Privatization, due to the fact that he defended a purchase price much higher.


    In December 2008, the youngest daughter of Ben Ali has been promised to a young boy in the family Ben Gaied. The young man was then immediately co-opted as CEO of the Company STAFIM PEUGEOT, whose shares were purchased at a discount, if not at par, with BIAT Mabrouk bank group, allied to Ben Ali.

    FORD – range rover – jaguar – hyunday – man

    Privatization at a very low price of state-owned company which held the license was made by Ford Belhassen Trabelsi, brother of Mrs. Ben Ali and his friend Hamadi Touil.

    They managed to impose on all public sector buying their vehicles.

    Several “maps ” of marks are awarded to them as Range Rover, Jaguar and Hyundai, excluding vehicle assembly MAN.

    The automotive market being monopolized by the immediate families of Ben Ali, the only tax cuts are those of the cars!!

    These tax cuts are not just popular cars but also luxury cars that exceed sometimes the price of a factory.

  3. (infoshop) Marseille, France – 1,000 people march shouting “Ben Ali murderer ” in solidarity with the movement in Tunisia

    Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 03:25 AM UTC
    Contributed by: Collin Sick
    Views: 109
    Between 700 and 1,000 people, according to police figures and organizers, marched in Marseille, shouting ” Ben Ali murderer ” in solidarity with the movement in protest against the regime in Tunisia.

    Between 700 and 1,000 people, according to police figures and organizers, marched in Marseille, shouting ” Ben Ali murderer ” in solidarity with the movement in protest against the regime in Tunisia.

    Starting off from the Canebiere, the crowd calmly reached the Consulate General of Tunisia late afternoon, under the protection of the riot police, chanting “Ben Ali, get lost”, “Ben Ali murderer, Sarkozy accomplice” and waving placards denouncing” 60 dead in four days” and photos of the presumed victims covered with blood.

    “We are surprised to see Tunisians demonstrating, they are usually the ones who are terrified. There they are out, they are no longer afraid, something has changed, ” said Yahia Bounouar, Algerian opposer and spokesman of the “Solidarity Maghreb” group.

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