We Are Winning – The thoughts of a single, humble Anon

(anonnews.org) transcript:

Ladies and gentlemen. Anonymous users of the internet. For better or for worse, we are at war. There are no bystanders. There are no safe havens. As long as draconian regimes and oppressive authorities exist, the freedom of information, and in turn, your freedom to do as you wish on the internet, is threatened. However, this is a war that Anonymous is winning.

Copyright holders tried to take down peer-to-peer file sharing sites. They failed and continue to fail. Self-important officials in the United States government attempted to silence Wikileaks. They failed on a colossal scale worthy of ridicule for many years to come. And, most recently, the dictatorship of Tunisia made the fatal mistake of denying the political and internet freedoms of the Tunisian people. They not only failed, they collapsed. The Tunisian government is in shambles. Their tyrant of over two decades has fled the country.

Behind all of these recent outstanding events lurked Anonymous, lending a helping hand when possible, causing problems where it mattered the most, and amassing lulz the entire time. Corporations and states continue to find themselves incapable of stemming the coming tide of social change brought about by the internet. Each and everyone of you are shaking the system to its core. Leaders are nervous and scared.

Anonymous is fighting a war. Whether you’re doing it for the good of mankind, doing it for the lulz, or a healthy balance of both, you’re bringing about change only dreamed of in fiction. Continue to fight for the freedom of information and you will continue to win the game. The consequences will never be the same. Yes, Anonymous. We are fighting a war. And we are winning. Expect us.


A single, humble Anon

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  1. Touness Horria, A message from Anonymous:

    “Take conscience, my brother, stay close to your heart
    Don’t trust the system, murderer and liar
    get away from the hatred that we all jump to the arms
    human mankind, only Love will save us
    listen to the silence when your soul is at peace
    the light is there, the light returned
    Truth in ourselves, the result of Creation
    do not forget your history, do not forget your mission”
    Keny Arkanna “Cinquième soleil”

    A month ago, a young man named Mohammed Bouazizi performed a self immolation as a protest against the practices of a corrupt regime. His sacrifice has given Tunisians the spirit and the courage needed to free themselves of 23 years of tyranny. In a single month, the people of Tunisia have put an end to injustice in an unprecedented display of the power of justice and freedom.

    Since the rats abandoned the ship, Anonymous has received reports of constant violations of human rights, looting, and systematic destruction waged by the Tunisian police, militant members of the RCD, and criminals that were freed from prison in the chaos.

    Maybe you are enjoying yourself in your Saudi Arabian villa with all the luxuries you have denied your own people. Maybe you think you are safe, that your forces of terror are going to create chaos and upheaval which will force the Tunisian people into begging you to make a glorious comeback. As usual, you think that the people of the world are stupid. You are wrong.

    We are talking to you, Ben Ali, and to your terrorist forces. We do not wish death upon you. We simply want the blood of the Tunisian martyrs to not be spilled in vain. To the spirits of the free people of this world, we will never stop until everyone responsible for this massacre are judged in a Tunisian court, formed by the free people of Tunisia. We will obtain this through any means neccesary..

    To the authorities of Saudi Arabia: Every insitution that helps the escape of these criminals from Tunisian justice will be, from now on, a potential and legitimate target in our eyes. We advise you strongly to reconsider if you want to host this individual.

    To the free people of this world: You, too, can help the tunisians with all your resources! Identify the assasins, track them, pressure your governments and media, tweet, inform the world in order to help the people of Tunisia to finally get the justice that they deserve, and take the freedom which belongs only to them as a people.

    We do not forget.
    We do not forgive.
    Expect us.


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