Venezuela: Netizens Comment on Possible Gasoline Use Restrictions

( On February 15, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced possible measures to start rationing gasoline [es]. This matter constitutes a very sensitive issue for Venezuelans, since Venezuela is a country with one of the world’s lowest gasoline prices, where according to the government, about 90% of its total cost is subsidized. After the announcement, bloggers and Twitter users reacted in different ways.

Daniel, a Venezuelan blogger, writes an open letter to Rafael Ramirez – president of state-owned oil companyPDVSA – in his blog, Venezuela News and Views [es]. He says that the government’s previous measures led to an energy crisis and insufficient production of gasoline, and asks:

And now you want to impose on us rationing without even apologizing? Or perhaps you are not guilty of rationing in Táchira where your corrupt military does every possible smuggling of gasoline to our neighbouring country? Is that what you want, that the National Guard obtain that business and resell gasoline to us at any price that they will obviously be the ones who control?

Blogger moctavio, at The Devil’s Excrementsaid:

rather than eliminate these subsidies and/or increase the price of gasoline, Chavez solution is very simple: Gasoline rationing. The Government will force us to consume in 2011 100,000 barrels less a day than in 2010. What’s next? Rationing sand? Because after all, we have had water and electricity rationing, food shortages and now gasoline rationing, all once abundant in Venezuela.

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