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(eagainst) Logorama is an animated short film, created by François Alaux and Herve de Crecy’s, awarded with the Oscar for the best Short Film (Animated).

The opening shot re-imagines Los Angeles, as a city made up of nothing but commercial branding: birds in the form of Bentley logos, Microsoft’s butterfly, pedestrians in the shape of the AIM icon, overhead highway signs mounted on Atlantic Records logos, corporate logos and mascots. Ronald McDonald starts an enormous bloody rampage of gun violence. Michelin Man police officers try to chase him and even hunting him down using biological guns. Low rumbling can be heard across the entire city. An earthquake destroys the motorways while a Big Boy and Esso Girl escape steal a police car, but Ronald McDonald falls into one of the crevasses. Trying to pull himself out, he will be run over by Esso Girl & Big Boy’s car. The duo barely escape the city…

Alaux and Crecy despise postmodern capitalism and the way corporations dictate the entire American society, leading thus a massive cultural Cul De Sac. It also points out, how spectacular features can be used not in a way that overshadows our actual problems by creating a fake reality, but to show the destruction caused by commercialism and passive consumerism represented by these corporation logos, as a part of the society of spectacles and unlimited rationalism!

by Julien Chaulieu


( The news that is flooding from Libya is very shocking. Qaddafi’s regime is perpetrating a horrible massacre against the masses in revolt, the mercenaries (the equivalent to the Mubarak regime’s baltajia) recruited by Qaddafi’s regime, besides the regular army and security forces, are opening fire at unarmed Libyan people or, in some cases, armed with only very light firearms. The regime’s repressive forces are not only using firearms, but also artillery, tanks, jet fighters and gunship helicopters. In a military sense, this cannot be a war. In fact, it is just a horrible massacre conducted by the Qaddafi regime under the supervision of the imperialist powers in Europe and US but, as ever, those powers are concerned only about oil and money, only about profit, not human rights or even human lives.

European governments together with the US are practising a very shameful silence now, which is more vocal than any possible statement. At heart, they are supporting the killers, the dictatorship, against the revolting masses as they did in Tunisia and Egypt, just to change sides when the triumph of revolution became inevitable. And there is no secret in this. It is all about oil and money that should be kept in hands of dictators not the peoples. And as happened in Bahrain, Tunisia and Egypt before, most of the anti-riot weapons and their ammunition used by the regimes’ forces to kill and repress the people came from European or American companies. Two nights ago, the son of the Libyan dictator threatened the masses and yesterday his killers and mercenaries put his threats into action. Libya under the rule of the Qaddafi regime is a perfect example of a totalitarian regime, like that suppressed society in George Orwell’s novel “1984”. Now “big brother” is waging a real war against his own people, or to be more precise, conducting a bloody massacre against Libyans in revolt. And again, they are trying to use fundamentalists as a bugbear. It is not a fight between fundamentalists and the regime – the fight is going on between the masses and the dictatorship.

This is just a scandalous manipulation of the reality, a shameless trial to justify not only the repression of the regime, but also its brutal crimes, while in fact, nothing, nothing at all can justify the crimes of Qaddafi regime, the use of tanks and jet fighters against unarmed masses including children and their mothers.

We anarchists and libertarians don’t want to underestimate the possibilities that some repressive power – Islamist or any other – could manage to take over the revolution, but in this regard we don’t prefer non-religious repressive powers over religious ones. We opt for the real freedom of the masses, for a free self-managed society organized freely and voluntarily from the bottom upwards. In the face of any such possibilities we see that the only proper response is popular direct action, conducted by free masses, not by any type of such brutal repression applied by such a barbarian dictatorship.

Here is some news and comments from the blog of an anarchist Libyan comrade (in Arabic only). The blog address is:

  • Hundreds of people killed in Libya – Qaddafi, the butcher, hides in his fortress.
  • Eyewitnesses have reported that a real massacre is taking place in Benghazi city in the east of Libya, where dozens of people were killed and hundreds injured. And that the city hospitals are flooded with injured people. A lawyer and activist told Al Jazeera that the number of people killed by security forces in Benghazi might rise to 200 and around 800 to 900 injured (written on 20 February).
  • Qaddafi bombarded the Libyans… and the Libyans are advancing toward Tripoli.
  • Benghazi, the second-largest Libyan city next to the capital Tripoli, where the first spark of the February revolt took place, is suffering a genocide (written on 20 February).
  • The ruling family (that is, Qaddafi’s family) in Libya has lost its temper and called demonstrators thugs.
  • It seems that the overuse of power by the regime and its massacres against the demonstrators has backfired on the regime itself, so much so that even many members of its army and police have refused to fire on demonstrators and have joined them instead – forcing Qaddafi’s regime to resort to mercenaries from poor African countries (written on 21 February).

by Mazen Kamalmaz
Syrian Anarchist


(CNN) … Security forces in Libya have cordoned off the Fashloom area of Tripoli and were shooting anyone who moves on the streets — including those who are trying to retrieve bodies, said Mohamed Abdallah, spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya opposition group. Abdallah attributed the information to four eyewitnesses on the ground.


“We heard a lot of gun shots, explosions, demonstrations and the sound of sirens,” said the witness, who is not being identified for security reasons. The witness added that firefighters have not been able to extinguish a fire at the People’s Hall government building and that a massive protest was expected for Tuesday night.

And a man in the Girgarsh neighborhood of western Tripoli said there was a shortage of food in the area. He said a number of gas stations closed Tuesday morning because they ran out of fuel. The man said Tripoli residents believe this is another tactic by the regime to limit people’s ability to move around.

The Girgarsh man said several sport-utility vechiles were driving around his neighborhood Monday night ordering people inside their homes and warning of mercenaries attacking people. But he said the vehicles were not from the neighborhood, and residents believe the event might have stemmed from the Gadhafi’s regime trying to create fear in order to keep people in their homes.


( The announcement by the U.S. government that unemployment dropped from 9.4 percent to 9 percent in January is pure statistical manipulation meant to deceive workers into thinking that things are getting better.

The government admits that, due to population growth, it takes 130,000 new jobs per month to accommodate those entering the labor force. In January only 32,000 new jobs were created. Yet unemployment supposedly dropped by 0.4 percent! The Obama administration hails this economic wizardry as a sign that things are moving forward.

It is an attempt to calm the waters when, in fact, workers, the labor movement, communities and youth should be mobilizing jobs marches in the streets aimed at city halls, state houses, Washington, and the bosses and bankers all across this country. Mass mobilization is urgently needed to combat the increasingly desperate unemployment crisis, which is concealed by statistical hogwash. Read more…



( Leaked emails have revealed a plot by private internet security firms to bring down WikiLeaks. The plot was allegedly created on behalf of the Bank of America — the largest bank in the US.

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has said Bank of America will be the subject of future leaks.

Computer-hacker group Anonymous revealed the plot after stealing 50,000 internal emails from internet security company HBGary Federal.

The hackers attacked the HBGary Federal website after executive Aaron Barr boasted to the media that the company was working to expose members of WikiLeaks, the New York Times said on February 11. Read More