Logorama – Video

(eagainst) Logorama is an animated short film, created by François Alaux and Herve de Crecy’s, awarded with the Oscar for the best Short Film (Animated).

The opening shot re-imagines Los Angeles, as a city made up of nothing but commercial branding: birds in the form of Bentley logos, Microsoft’s butterfly, pedestrians in the shape of the AIM icon, overhead highway signs mounted on Atlantic Records logos, corporate logos and mascots. Ronald McDonald starts an enormous bloody rampage of gun violence. Michelin Man police officers try to chase him and even hunting him down using biological guns. Low rumbling can be heard across the entire city. An earthquake destroys the motorways while a Big Boy and Esso Girl escape steal a police car, but Ronald McDonald falls into one of the crevasses. Trying to pull himself out, he will be run over by Esso Girl & Big Boy’s car. The duo barely escape the city…

Alaux and Crecy despise postmodern capitalism and the way corporations dictate the entire American society, leading thus a massive cultural Cul De Sac. It also points out, how spectacular features can be used not in a way that overshadows our actual problems by creating a fake reality, but to show the destruction caused by commercialism and passive consumerism represented by these corporation logos, as a part of the society of spectacles and unlimited rationalism!

by Julien Chaulieu

Source: http://eagainst.com/articles/logorama/


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