Some Libyans report food shortage, more violence by security forces

(CNN) … Security forces in Libya have cordoned off the Fashloom area of Tripoli and were shooting anyone who moves on the streets — including those who are trying to retrieve bodies, said Mohamed Abdallah, spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya opposition group. Abdallah attributed the information to four eyewitnesses on the ground.


“We heard a lot of gun shots, explosions, demonstrations and the sound of sirens,” said the witness, who is not being identified for security reasons. The witness added that firefighters have not been able to extinguish a fire at the People’s Hall government building and that a massive protest was expected for Tuesday night.

And a man in the Girgarsh neighborhood of western Tripoli said there was a shortage of food in the area. He said a number of gas stations closed Tuesday morning because they ran out of fuel. The man said Tripoli residents believe this is another tactic by the regime to limit people’s ability to move around.

The Girgarsh man said several sport-utility vechiles were driving around his neighborhood Monday night ordering people inside their homes and warning of mercenaries attacking people. But he said the vehicles were not from the neighborhood, and residents believe the event might have stemmed from the Gadhafi’s regime trying to create fear in order to keep people in their homes.


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