US : As capitalists recover, jobless crisis deepens

( The announcement by the U.S. government that unemployment dropped from 9.4 percent to 9 percent in January is pure statistical manipulation meant to deceive workers into thinking that things are getting better.

The government admits that, due to population growth, it takes 130,000 new jobs per month to accommodate those entering the labor force. In January only 32,000 new jobs were created. Yet unemployment supposedly dropped by 0.4 percent! The Obama administration hails this economic wizardry as a sign that things are moving forward.

It is an attempt to calm the waters when, in fact, workers, the labor movement, communities and youth should be mobilizing jobs marches in the streets aimed at city halls, state houses, Washington, and the bosses and bankers all across this country. Mass mobilization is urgently needed to combat the increasingly desperate unemployment crisis, which is concealed by statistical hogwash. Read more…



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