Palestine-Israel: The less radical left compete with the anarchists

( The Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah loose front of Zionist left, humanist religious trend, crystallized and expanded mainly to the annexed East Jerusalem and within 1948 borders. Our comrades from Jerusalem joined them from the beginning and contributed to their radicalizing. They sometimes join us in our Bil’in struggle. We often join them in other locations. This week end we marked the sixth year anniversary of the struggle in Bil’in, on the background of the uprising of the masses in the Arabic countries of the region.

The less radical left added to the joint struggle, compete with the anarchists against the wall

Al Arakib

The struggle continues… yet another demolition of el-Arakib might happen any day, especially in the early mornings. Volunteers are need to go there for some hours in any of the coming days (Tuesday through Thursday) If you can, please contact A


More than hundred Israelis and few dozens internationals joined Palestinian men and women of Bil’in and the region who marked 6 years of Friday demonstrations in the village against the separation fence and occupation. Thanks to a strong wind from the south the demonstrators managed to duck the smelly water cannon and sporadic shooting of gas and keep next to the fence, accompanied by drummers, a sound system, Palestinian politicians, and signs against the apartheid and the US veto signs. The shabab managed to tear down the external fence in a couple of spots and go between the fences. Later the army crossed the fence backed by showers of gas. A few demonstrators managed to stay close to the soldiers, preventing the shabab from trying to stone them away. As more demonstrators tried to approach they suffered heavy showers of gas, including canisters shot directly at demonstrators. The soldiers even shot at ambulances busy clearing the victims of the potentially lethal gas. During the direct confrontation with the soldiers one demonstrator sprayed a soldier’s shield with an anti-wall slogan, and two other demonstrators were arrested (one was falsely charged with throwing stones, but both were released on the same day). Eventually the demonstrators declared the demo over, and walked back together with most of the journalists. The soldiers, however, remained where they stood, and so the shabab tried to make them retreat by throwing stones. In response, three soldiers ran forward, shot a string of live 0.22 bullets, and turned back. A boy of 17 was injured in his foot.

This is how the event was described by the Israeli press: “the army claims that he approached the soldiers with a sharp weapon and that they felt their lives were in danger”. This is the standard format for a post-factum shooting which is illegal according to the army’s own orders. The only surprising thing about this description is that Jawaher, who was killed by gas in a previous demo, was said to “not have participated in the demo at all and died from an atropine overdose at the hospital”, rather than to have threatened soldiers with a sharp weapon. Of course, when the IDF spokesman finally makes its announcement, it might choose the standard format over the current one.


Haitham Khatib video at
Amir Tirkel – A snippet from my phone.
Israel Puterman video at:



Like previous Tuesdays, demonstration in Lod Against House Demolitions 02/15/11 ‎

Two months ago, on a Monday morning during the largest storm of this winter, hundreds of masked and armed police special forces attacked 7 houses in Lod, which were considered illegally built on land owned by the residents. The residents, all Israeli citizens were expelled from their homes.

This Tuesday 18:00 – protest in Lod keeps on rolling – 9 weeks already! abu-id family has recieved eviciton orders for the new cacrvans put at the site of their old houses. come protest with them! Lod central station, and then 19:00 at the tent for a show.

Video clip at:

Next Tuesday, as every Tuesday in the past two months, we will stand together, Arab and Jews, and make it clear to Nitzan, that the future of the city lies in Jewish-Arab cooperation for the good of all the city’s residents, not in oppression and intimidation. Together we will stand until a proper housing solution for the Abu Eid family will be found and for a just housing policy in the city of Lod.


“They did not report Ma’asara: 100 people who demonstrated against the separation fence and occupation marked also 42 years of Democratic Front with slogans and songs, and were dispersed with tear gas and stun grenades .”

Nabi Saleh

The weekly march through the village of Nabi Saleh was slowed down by army threats to start fire. Soon enough they did shoot tear gas canisters at the protesters, invaded the village, made some arrests and attempted many more.

Close to the end of the day Nabi Saleh youth came to reclaim their village. The army responded with an immediate attack with tear gas. Later on the army used massive amounts of tear gas on the entire village and the “skunk” water tank to spray the center of the village with foul-smelling water that keep the place where they are shot at unfit for living for about a week and smelly for many weeks after. The soldiers and their vehicles were warded off by a “rain” of stones, and soon after the clashes ended at sundown.

Seven people were arrested today in Nabi Saleh during the weekly demonstration against the occupation and settlements, after the Israeli army invaded the village: two Palestinians, four Israelis and one international. They are still held by Israeli forces, and we are told that the two Palestinians were separated from the rest during their ride to Binyamin police station. This does not bid well for them and could mean that they are being sent to Ofer on the account of false soldiers’ testimonies.


Zahra Pilavdzic Photos from Ni’lin, 18, February, 2011 by Ahmad Mesleh

Ni’lin Struggle 18-2-2011- Protesting Against the Israeli Apartheid wall in the village of Ni’lin – Photos By Ahmad Melseh .

Photos From Bil’in Weekly Peaceful Protest, Feb,18,2011
By Lior Ben Elyahu

Sheikh Jarrah

Demonstration 18/2/2011 Pictures

Photos By Mario Savio

Tel Aviv

The US Has Vetoed – The US is an Accomplice to the Settlement Crime! We Will Not Be Silent ! tonight at 19:00, US embassy Tel-Aviv

Tonight at 19:00: Demonstration in front of the US embassy in Tel Aviv, Hayarkon 71 street, Tel Aviv.
We will protest against the American vetoing of the UN Security Council resolution on the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

Saturday evening we had a demonstration in front of US embassy.

We had banners and placard and chanted against US support to Israeli occupation and settlers colonies in the West bank. Prominent were calls for EU and US B.D.S. (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) of Israel.


Protesters rally at US embassy in TA to slam UNSC veto

Around 50 protesters of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative and other activists rallied outside the US Embassy in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, to protest the US veto on Friday of a UN Security Council resolution calling Israeli settlements ‘illegal’ and calling for an immediate halt in their construction.

Holding signs reading “stop US-supported occupation” and “Veto settlements, vote justice” and chanting “UN, US, it’s time for B.D.S.”, (Boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel) the demonstrators took issue with what they said is continued American approval and compliance with controversial Israeli policies.

Activist R. B. told The Jerusalem Post that the protest is part of “a new campaign pointing a finger at the US complicity in Israeli crimes.”

B. called the veto “just a continuation of the same policies of the US, which are going against the consensus of world opinion and civil society protests against Israeli actions. The veto clearly shows how utterly complicit the US is in funding and supporting Israeli crimes and shows again that Israeli apartheid is an American-Israeli project.”

Israel Puterman video: Demonstration in front of the US embassy in Tel Aviv 19-2-11

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