Who’s Next? Who’s Still Standing? Africa’s 20-Year+ Club

(Global Development Blog) Lots of speculation about which long-time autocrat might be toppled next and why [Zimbabwe, Cameroon, etc.] is not like [Egypt, Tunisia, etc.].  Our colleagueNic van de Walle has a terrific suggestion that 12 years is a sensible term limit for any leader.  In Africa, even with Ben Ali and Mubarak gone, there are still plenty who have been in power more than 20 years.  Here’s the list of who’s still standing (at least as of this morning):

The list wouldn’t really be complete without these family dynasties:

Did I miss anyone?

By Todd Moss

Source: http://blogs.cgdev.org/globaldevelopment/2011/02/who’s-next-who’s-still-standing-africa’s-20-year-club.php

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