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( Anonymous applauds the brave Libyan people, who have chosen self determination after four decades of de facto slavery under the heel of a repressive regime.
Now reportedly under the control of the citizens and military units loyal to freedom, the eastern portion of Libya, including the border crossing to Egypt, has become a shining beacon of hope to other repressed peoples of the world.
“We arrived in Libya through a border post now completely controlled by the opposition.”
Anonymous previously gave the UN 24 hours to declare a no-fly zone to protect the brave rebel soldiers and the good people of Libya:
That 24 hours has expired, with no no-fly zone and no progress. Libyan civilians are still under attack from Gaddafi’s mercenaries – hired to slaughter his own people. The UN didn’t do anything more than play patty-cake with Gaddafi, even while Gaddafi’s genocide continued:
“The Gaddafi statement was just code for his collaborators to start the genocide against the Libyan people. It just started a few hours ago.”
Any organization that gives a voice to a genocidal maniac like Gaddafi, and none to the people he has enslaved, is unjust! Anonymous will not accept this.
It would seem that even Gaddafi knows what is required in that circumstance:
“Revolution, revolution”
The Libyan rebels are the glorious Washington rebels of our age, the only difference being that the insane Gaddafi is about 500 times crueler on his best day than King George ever was on his worst day.
In the same way that Washington was funded, equipped and supported by France to victory, we now request that France repeat that. Shower the rebels with anything they ask for or need. In the interests of modern day burden-sharing, we ask that every other nation of the world, especially Egypt, do the same.
Since Anonymous stands for individual liberty, any Libyan rebel should be able to independently request whatever material assistance they require – medical, political, financial or military. Anonymous believes that French largesse should not be something that only Americans should be worthy of. Likewise freedom.
Good luck Libya! Let’s hope someone, somewhere in the world provides some backbone and REAL support, instead of just mouthing the words to pretend they care. Starting with, but not limited to, the no-fly zone that both Anonymous and Libyan rebels have ALREADY requested.

(TorrentFreak) The copyright industry has tried the same tricks and rhetoric for well over 500 years, and they are also keen on trying to rewrite history. But the tale of the history books differs sharply from what the copyright industry is trying to paint.

When the printing press arrived in 1453, scribe-craft was a profession in high demand. The Black Death had taken a large toll from the monasteries, who were not yet repopulated, so copying books was expensive.

scribeObsoleting scribes was not a popular development with the Catholic Church, who tried to ban the printing press with increasingly harsh punishments, up to andincluding the death penalty for using a printing press to copy books.

“How will the monks get paid?”, they argued to justify this. Still, even the death penalty couldn’t stop the copying.

Of course, it wasn’t about payment of monks. The Catholic Church couldn’t have cared less, really. It was about control over knowledge and culture. Once most of the populace had learned to read, the Church lost its grip permanently.

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( The recent approval of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa is one of most divisive controversies in American agriculture, but in 2003, it was simply the topic at hand in a string of emails between the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Monsanto. In the emails, federal regulators and Monsanto officials shared edits to a list of the USDA’s questions about Monsanto’s original petition to fully legalize the alfalfa. Later emails show a USDA regulator accepted Monsanto’s help with drafting the initial environmental assessment (EA) of the alfalfa and planned to “cut and paste” parts of Monsanto’s revised petition right into the government’s assessment. Read More

( , Nairobi, Kenya (SPX) Feb 14, 2011 – Trees growing on farms will be essential to future development. As the number of trees in forests is declining every year, the number of trees on farms is increasing. Marking the launch of the International Year of Forest by the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF9) in New York on 29 January, Dennis Garrity, the Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre, highlighted the importance of mixing trees with agriculture, the practice known as agroforestry. Read More

( As we speak, tens of thousands of people are fighting back in Madison, Wisconsin. What began as an attempt by Republican governor Walker to implement sweeping austerity measures and take away the ability of unions to collectively bargain, has created a massive grassroots working class response. At a time when students and workers here in California face similar attacks, it is important to note how collective action is not only necessary, but also possible.

Many teachers first responded to the news that their jobs might be lost and they would lose the ability to collectively bargain by launching a wildcat strike through the calling in of sick days. Students, not to be out done by their teachers, walked out of their schools, and in some instances, launched brief occupations. Disability activists today also occupied for a short time the Republican HQ, before police arrived to spoil the party. Tea party activists have largely been shouted down, and despite their ‘grassroots’ efforts to counter the united force of public and private sector workers and their kids, have been totally unsuccessful. Seems their bumper sticker militancy only goes so far. Tens of thousands are now occupying the capital to demand that the bill be struck down and are threatening a general strike; at the same time Walker readies the National Guard. Many have also been inspired by the unrest in the Middle East. If people can get their leaders removed their, what is stopping us from doing it here?

Where this revolt goes now is up to us. Will people accept the attacks of the Republicans and also the sell outs of the Democrats and the union heads? Will they listen to the union leaders when told to return to work or to stop calling out sick? Will kids return to school? The choice is ours. Capitalism offers us nothing. While we must resist each and every attack, a return to the status quo is a defeat as well. In the end, we don’t want the ability to argue over crumbs with the scum who would sell us out for polluted skies and potato chips. We want freedom, we want control over our lives and streets, and we want a future that does not include wage slavery and a ravaged earth. We have power now in Madison, let us use is – to sweep this class divided society into the dustbin of history once and for all.

by Modesto Anarcho


( Lawyers for Assange immediately said they would appeal against the decision, which they fear could eventually result in Assange facing imprisonment in the US.

LONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to face rape charges, a British judge ruled on Thursday after throwing out defense arguments that he would face an unfair trial.

Lawyers for Assange immediately said they would appeal against the decision, setting up a lengthy legal battle through Britain’s courts that could postpone the 39-year-old Australian’s ultimate fate for months.

“As I am satisfied that extradition is compatible with the defendant’s (European) Convention rights, I must order that Mr Assange be extradited to Sweden,” judge Howard Riddle said. Read More