The new Republic of Libya: temporary council

(p2pnet) Libyans determined to rid themselves of Muammar Gaddafi, the dictator who’s ruled their lives for more than 40 years, have published a declaration for a temporary council in the Republic of Libya, says Alive in Libya.

Named in article 5 as president; and, deputy president and official spokesman, respectively, “Based on agreement of municipal councils across various liberated areas”, are:

  • Mustafa Abdul Jaleel
  • Abdul Hafid Abdul Qader Ghoga

The post doesn’t include details.

The original, in Arabic, can be viewed here:,


The English language translation is in full below >>>

The Libyan Republic

Declaration of the Establishment of the National Transitional Temporary Council

In affirmation of the sovereignty of the Libyan people over the entirety of their territory, land, sea, and air; and in response to the demands of the Libyan people, towards the realization of the free will with which they shaped the uprising of February 17th; and in preservation of the Libyan people’s national unity; we resolve to establish a national council named ‘the National Transitional Temporary Council’ to be the only legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

Article 1


1. To ensure the safety and peace of citizens and the national territory

2. To coordinate national efforts to liberate the remaining quarters of the nation

3. To coordinate the efforts of local councils working towards the return of civic life

4. To supervise the military council so as to ensure the realization of a new doctrine for the national army towards the defense of the Libyan people and protection of its borders

5. To supervise the election of a founding assembly charged with developing a new constitution for the country to be submitted to public referendum, so that the legitimacy of the constitution is founded on:  the will of the people, the triumphant uprising of February 17th, respect for human rights, guarantee of civil liberties, separation of powers, an independent judiciary and the establishment of national institutions that provide for broad and pluralistic participation, the peaceful transition of authority and the right of representation for every segment of Libyan society

6. To form a transitional government to pave the way for free elections

7. To conduct and to steer foreign policy, to organize relations with foreign nations and international and regional organizations, and to represent the Libyan people before them

Article 2

The Council’s Organizational Structure

1. The Council is composed of 30 members, representing all of Libya’s regions and all segments of Libyan society, with youth membership representing no less than 5 members.

2. The Council will select from its members a president, an official spokesperson and coordinators for a variety of domestic and foreign functions.

Article 3

Seat of the Council

The Council’s permanent seat is at the capital, Tripoli, taking Benghazi as its temporary seat until the capital is liberated.

Article 4

It is the responsibility of the Council to set protocols for its regular and emergency meetings and to make decisions in accordance with the interests of the Libyan people, in a manner that does not contradict the people’s demands, the basis of which were declared by the uprising of February 17th:  the fall of the Gaddafi regime and the establishment of a civil, constitutional and democratic state.


  1. do not ye judge arbitrarily barbaric way. / / / to the president’s son khadapy

  2. والده هو الخطأ… لتقليد طريقة الإسلام ملايو / اندونيسيا تسامحا. يتيح للأطفال فرصة للتوبة عن الرئيس سوهارتو،… لتقليده! نجل القذافي يعني أي ضرر… انه ليس من الخطأ، والده هو الخطأ… لا تكون الغيرة، الحسد.. والاستياء الذي أصبح أساس من العقاب، وفهم؟ لا تدمر الإسلام في عيون الغرب! إذا كنت تريد الإصلاح في ليبيا، ليبيا… بلد. فهم.

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