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( Saturday’s storming of the headquarters of former President Hosni Mubarak’s secret police is just as important as his historic ouster last month, say many Egyptians.

Cairo – Egyptians stormed the headquarters of the country’s secret police Saturday night, marking another poignant milestone in the revolution as they overran the agency that was former president Hosni Mubarak’s tool of repression for nearly 30 years. Just months ago, entering the feared and hated symbol of torture and abuse would have been unthinkable.

Their victory came as new Prime Minister Essam Sharaf began forming his cabinet, making a break from the past by removing the ministers associated with Mr. Mubarak and appearing to make choices that would be accepted by democracy protesters. He also announced that he would begin restructuring the state security apparatus, and proposed transferring oversight of state security from the Interior Ministry to the cabinet.

The events of the weekend were a rapid fulfillment of some of the key demands of protesters who have continued to press for significant and systemic change. And many now see them as even more pivotal than Thursday’s resignation of Mubarak-appointed Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq – perhaps just as important the historic ouster of Mubarak.

“This is the best day of my life,” said Ibrahim El Houdaiby after entering the headquarters of the State Security Investigative Service Saturday. Mr. Houdaiby, a former member of the banned and suppressed Muslim Brotherhood, was interrogated at the site in 2008. “This is when I can finally say the revolution is moving in the right direction,” he said. “This is better than the day Mubarak left, better than the day Shafiq resigned.” Read More

(eagainst) You might have heard that Greece is a beautiful country to visit with delicious food and people with great hospitality. Be careful: this is not the whole truth. The reality for hundreds of thousands of visitors is completely different. There is a general threat of human rights’ violations. Expatriates and visitors, who cross the Greek borders, can be departed or transferred in detention centres for 2–4 months or longer. If and when these visitors are released, they are forced to work in agriculture, local industry, organized crime, or as street salesmen, without documents or any civil rights whatsoever. Visitors of Greece are warned about abuse, intolerance, hatred, slander and indiscriminate violence by the Greek State.

Greece is exploiting approximately 500,000 illegal immigrants and refugees to raise the nation’s miserable economics. Last year, nearly 140,000 immigrants crossed the Greek borders in a hope of better life. Most of them are going to be illegalized for years and treated as unwelcome contemporary slaves.

Since the 25th of January, 300 immigrants who work and live in Greece for many years started a nationwide hunger strike in Athens and Thessaloniki. They claim the legalization of all undocumented immigrants of Greece. Their struggle is a struggle of all immigrants, workers and citizens of the world. The 10th of March will be the 45th day of their hunger strike, but the Greek State has not yet responded to their rightful claims!

We call people in Greece and throughout the world to carry out civil disobedience actions on the 10th of March in solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers. We ask everyone to target their actions against Greek soft spot-tourism: 15% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product is coming from tourism. In fact, tourism and migration are two sides of the legal right of freedom of movement.

We suggest an easily attainable target that you people can find almost in every country: Greek National Tourism Organization. You can e.g. demonstrate, blockade, squat, spread leaflets or carry out other creative actions in front, inside or around GNTO offices.

The addresses of the GNTO offices aboard are here:

If you don’t have a GNTO office at your city, you can target your actions against the Greek embassies or enterprises, or simply demonstrate in crowded public places or on media.


[More information about the hunger strike of 300 here]


( A report on the Croatian anti-government demonstrations from an anarcho-syndicalist participant.

The masses have taken to the streets of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Đakovo. As they marched through the streets of their cities, demanding change, they were joined by a large number of curious passers-by who were suddenly drawn to this spontaneous expression of discontent. The illusory “alternatives” of the official opposition provide little solace and now a wave of anger, action and revolt against social injustice, increasing unemployment and corruption, against the ruling class thieves, has swept the country.

The leading figures of the official opposition and people such as Dragutin Lesar (of the Croatian Labourists) and Ivan Pernar (the self-proclaimed leader of the protests) tell us that the solution lies in “more capitalism”. We resolutely say – No! Even if we were to agree with them politically, which we do not, does that mean that we agree with them when it comes to social economy? From the nineties onwards, we have been told many times that we are equal in the eyes of the law and that there is a bright future ahead, but we, those who own nothing but our ability to work, who suffer every day under the conditions forced upon us by capital, according to its own laws, we find it hard to believe such claims of equality. Now that calling for more capitalism has once again become no more than an insult to the disgruntled masses, more social justice is the only reasonable answer.

While they “heroically” proclaim themselves as our leaders, we say – No! The people cannot be represented, the masses cannot be lead by anyone but themselves and their autonomous organizations. One woman shouted at a protest in Rijeka: “You have to fight for your rights! You should organise meetings like this in your local communities, the system has to be destroyed from below!” And she was right. Only a truly libertarian spirit can end all the injustice that surrounds us. And thus we support, as we always have, and state as our own principles both in theory and action – solidarity and direct democracy, autonomous struggle and self-organisation. In these early days of March, principles so dear to any libertarian emerge slowly, but resolutely out of the frozen city concrete.

As the voices from “above” tell us that taking to the streets is not the answer, we say – No! The streets are one of the few remaining realms of freedom, a wide space that belongs to everyone, to the people who grew up playing on the very same pavement, to the people who studied, worked and loved in the same places where they gather to protest today – only here can truly new alternatives be formed. A protester in Zagreb was seen carrying a sign on which “We believe in a new dream” was written. We believe in a new dream, too. Join us!

New protest scheduled for 6 PM today – we’ll see you there!

by Kontrrazvedka on Mar 6 2011 17:09

Network of Anarcho-Syndicalists
Local Group Zagreb


The deserted island of Gunkanjima, as it is most often called, was a coal mining colony based on an island roughly the size of a football field. This was the most densely populated place on earth before Mitsubishi, the company who owned the island, closed the operation in 1974. Upon closing they offered the population to apply for jobs on the mainland, leading to a mass-exodus within only a few days of closing its mines. Thus, the island was left as if a neutron bomb had gone through it, with people´s breakfasts remaining on the tables, bicycles leaning on the walls, and beds still unmade. It is a harrowing place.