Croatia has been mired in anti-Government demonstrations

( Numerous demonstrations demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor and her Government had on Saturday in several cities in Croatia, according to AFP, referring to the local media. Anti-Government continues in the country for about two weeks. On Friday night in the capital of Croatia Zagreb was the largest protest in recent times, attended by about 10 thousand people. Then, at least five demonstrators were taken into police custody. The largest protest was held on Saturday in the city of Varaždin in the North, where, according to organizers, the streets around 1.5 thousand. “We do not want State where workers do not receive salary, where they end up in the streets after 20 years of experience and where young people have no prospects,” said Denis Mladenovic, one of the organizers of the demonstration. Demonstrations were also held with anti-Government slogans in the port city of Zadar in the South, where several hundred people had gathered, and the cities of Slavonski Brod on the East and Virovitice to the Northeast, according to It is expected that there will be new anti-Government protest in several cities throughout the country and on Sunday.

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