US: Struggle Continues in Wisconsin Against Republican Anti-Union Campaign

(Infoshop News) – March 11, 2011

Over 100,000 protesters are expected in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend as the movement heats up to defend workers and unions against a Republican political campaign. Protests continue at the State Capitol, despite efforts by the Republicans to disrupt and disband the occupation which has stretched into weeks. At one points, protesters went through windows to get back into the Capitol building.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers sent the anti-union bill to Governor Scott Walker for approval. The bill would strip collective bargaining rights from public sector workers. Similar anti-union bills are being considered by other states.

Solidarity rallies are being organized around the U.S. and a national walkout of high school students in solidarity with the Wisconsin struggle is scheduled for 2 pm on Friday.

Latest News

*‘General Strike!’ Thousands Storm, Reoccupy Wisconsin Capitol in Response to Legislative Votes
*The Burnt Bookmobile: Section of the Wisconsin state budget regarding the stripping of collective bargaining rights passes
*Firefighters target M&I Bank for executive support of Walker
*Democracy Now: Outrage in Wisconsin: Thousands Flood Capitol After GOP Strips Public Workers of Bargaining Rights in Surprise Senate Vote
*Union contracts for 39,000 state workers set to expire Sunday
*Madison firefighters’ union president calls for general strike

“They have united workers and their allies all over the country against them, that will not just go away. We should not passively accept their dictatorship of the rich.” – Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin



*Democracy Now: “We Have Reached a Turning Point”: Journalist Frank Emspak Says Protests Will Grow in Response to WI Anti-Union Bill
*Democracy Now: “This is a Class War”: Michael Moore Calls for Renewed Pro-Democracy Movement as Anti-Union Bills Approved in Wisconsin and Michigan
*Democracy Now: Naomi Klein on Anti-Union Bills and Shock Doctrine American-Style: “This is a Frontal Assault on Democracy, a Corporate Coup D’Etat”
*CrimethInc. on the Struggle in Wisconsin: Spread the Chaos from Capitol to Capital



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