Operation Metal Gear

(anonnews.org) This operation stems from a string of leaked HBGary emails wherein a company by the name of Booz Allen Hamilton, in direct contact with Aaron Barr, is believed to have bid on and successfully won the contract to develop an unnamed software from the US Air Force. This software will be known as “Metal Gear” for informational purposes. We believe that Metal Gear involves an army of fake cyber personalities immersed in social networking websites for the purposes of manipulating the mass population via influence, crawling information from major online communities (such as Facebook), and identifying anonymous personalities via correlating stored information from multiple sources to establish connections between separate online accounts, using this information to arrest dissidents and activists who work anonymously. The primary goal of this operation is to find out exactly what metal gear is and why they are developing it.

What is ‘Metal Gear’ ?

We codenamed the software that we believe Booz Allen Hamilton and some of their partners are working on. The nature of the software is partially known, from the documents that we have seen and from what some employees have said it is a software that would allow a single agent to command an ‘army’ of sockpuppet accounts on social networking mediums.  It is sophisticated enough to develop a ‘profile’ for each puppet to add a level of ‘realism’ to each. In short, there would be no fesiable way to distinguish between 100 people commenting on a subject, and 100 of these puppets doing the same. This is nothing new for those of us familiar with how the net works.  However, given recent events across the world, the idea behind Metal Gear seems to be ‘weaponizing’ sockpuppets, in order to influence the face of revolutions that are based within social networking sites.  ;What you see below is the actual document we used under the investigation (which is still going) so there may be some random notes and other weird things that we haven’t removed yet.

Read more: http://anonnews.org/?p=press&a=item&i=752


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