Anarchist Library – new torrent bundle

( Spring has come and it’s time for a new torrent bundle. Get it  here:

The torrent ships a DVD with a full mirror of the library, including source, code, everything at all (about 1500 texts), packed in an ISO image (2.1 Gb). See this page if you need help:

This release features some improvements, which reflect the changes on the site over these months:

  • the PDF design slightly changed. Their quality has been boosted, and the plain A4 and the plain letter paper formats now actually ship a A5 and half letter paper, so they can printed side by side. See if you feel lost
  • there is an experimental “reverse citation” search on each page (bottom right of the HTML page for each text), which will try to find who cited or referred that text. From there you can then refine the results. On the DVD the links point to the site, as the Edit and Search links. So hopefully if you find problems you’ll come back to us and help fix them.



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