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( Was WikiLeaks publisher, Julian Assange, part of the commodity trade deal on December 16, 2010?
Washington, D.C. – On Friday, April 1, 2011, an Operations Department of Anonymous, has launched “Operation Want” by providing to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission detailed information on the corruption occuring within the NASDAQ OMX Group and their proposed changes to laws that specifically benefit Sweden’s Elite Wallenberg Family
What is Operation Want?
Operation Want is an online think-tank of Anonymous researchers, writers and artists that are specifically interested in transparency of government and the political relationships between Sweden and the U.S. concerning the case of Julian Assange and the coordinated smear campaign against WikiLeaks.
Anonymous is an online confederation of free speech, internet freedom and freedom of information activists. Our goal is absolute transparency of governmental and corporate activities for the benefit of the public of each nation they are in. We believe this case, while it may be obscure to the average citizen, actually will promote their welfare in the near and long term.
Operation Want began as a freelance investigation into  the reasons and persons behind the international charges filed against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Why were apparently fraudulent accusations that were dismissed and forgotten reopened? Why did Interpol become involved, rating him at their top red level?  Why is the Swedish judiciary pursuing Assange with such ferocity? What interests are involved in this case? What is their motive?  Through assessing all of the published Wikileaks cables from the Stockholm Embassy, we believe we  can illuminate the machinations as to who has the means and motive.
NASDAQ OMX Group is valued at over $14 trillion. The makeup of the 15 member Board of Directors has lost their balance between industry, non-industry and public interest. For the past five years there has been a power struggle over control and a considerable amount of personal greed. Two of the wealthiest 1% are fighting for ultimate control at the expense of the public trust. The end-game of the struggle within NASDAQ OMX will result in a Swedish-based cartel, which will prevent majority voting abilities within  the world’s largest global financial trading body.
When corporate and personal self interests dominate, the public’s welfare is disregarded, and they are left with picking up the bill. Peoples of the Western Nations are currently dealing with the ramifications of  government bailouts of “too big to fail” banking and Wall Street institutions. Education, Health and Welfare programs,
Public Worker benefits and pensions, and regulations protecting the food supply and the environment are cut. The middle class is continually being degraded via wage and benefit reductions, and fewer opportunities. Governments turn to austerity measures which only impact the working man and woman, leaving them less and less able to cope, leaving the elite classes insulated from the global economic reality. The risks of there being one more “too big to fail” financial institution, such as NASDAQ are astronomically incalculable.
Anonymous, through  Operation Want has taken action, via legal representation, to oppose NASDAQ’s proposal to change the laws that are in place, for the public’s interests and  that of transparency. We cannot stand by and do nothing while the Wallenberg-led  “Cartel” is plotting to hijack the largest stockmarket in the world. It appears that Mr. Assange is but one more commidity to be traded by the Swedes.
Here is a copy of full letter 27 page, including Exhibits,
that has been submitted to the SEC, by legal counsel, on behalf of  Anonymous Operation Want and supporting non-profit organizations that oppose the  NASDAQ proposal to expand the size of the board to allow an additional Wallenberg company director to have a seat on the board. This comment letter is comprehensive and extensive.
We are Anonymous.
Anonymous is Everyone.
Anonymous is Everywhere.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
We are Legion.
Expect us.


( A French “hacker” and alleged Anonymous member has been arrested after flaunting his purported skills on national television.

“Carl” – who appeared on “Complément D’Enquête” – supposedly demonstrated his ability to breach networks operated by both the French Army and Thales Group.

In addition, the alleged hacker claimed he routinely sold credit card and bank account data to finance his illicit exploits.

Although the French Army has yet to comment, Thales apparently took immediate action, informing police that “Carl” had indeed stolen confidential information during one of his recent cyber forays.

As expected, “Carl” was arrested 6 days after the program aired, with law enforcement officials recovering a significant number of compromised credit cards and related bank data.

The accused “hacker” – who is currently being detained – will be charged with unauthorized access, data theft and organized fraud.

My take on all this?

I am understandably skeptical of an individual who appears on national TV claiming to be a hacker and member of the cyber activist group known as Anonymous.

The majority of (real) hackers I’ve encountered over the years are typically more circumspect and talk about their clandestine activities only with an inner circle of friends and acquaintances.

That is how it has been for years, ever since the beginning. And hey, even the old warez masters didn’t shout about their 0 day swag.

Now, the fact that Thales demanded Carl’s arrest doesn’t necessarily prove he was involved in stealing information.

You really can’t expect a corporation to act any differently, as Thales does have to cover all its bases – just in case.

Then again, the stolen credit cards and bank information seems to allude that “Carl” was certainly up to something illegal.

Yes, maybe he is a cyber criminal. But a genuine hacker? I seriously doubt it.

by Trent Nouveau



Greetings. We are Anonymous.

We will begin by stating that we are ceasing our DDoS attacks on Sony altogether, as we believe the impact of this particular type of attack has surpassed it’s peak. Sony’s poor attempt to explain the system outages by lying about the nature of them is laughable. Therefore, Anonymous is now choosing to pursue other ways of getting Sony’s attention.
Secondly, it has recently come to our attention that George Hotz, also known as GeoHot, has reached a settlement with Sony regarding the court case involving those two parties. As further details are being withheld, we will refrain from speculating.
In the eyes of the law, this case is over. We disagree. We believe Sony’s actions in this case are unjust. We do not agree with Sony forcing social media sites like Youtube to hand over the IP addresses of people who viewed GeoHots videos. We view this as a severe violation of privacy rights. We disagree with Sony forcefully gathering personal information from other companies like PayPal. We find it unacceptable that Sony is even permitted to request this information in the first place. These acts are completely disrespectful and unforgivable.
This is not about one man’s lopsided battle against a huge corporation. The actions of Sony have far-reaching implications for every person who has purchased and therefore owns a piece of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.
The current solution will only embolden other greedy corporations to employ similar unfair tactics, so it is necessary to continue our protest to make our voices heard. We invite you to do the same. Operation Sony, or OpSony for short, is simply the opening shot.
Where the judicial system has failed, Anonymous will persevere, by standing up for the rights of everyone, not just those who dared to challenge these corporations. Geohots’ belief was in the freedom of information dissemination. We will stand with him.

On April 16th, we will
take the protests against Sony to the streets. We encourage anyone who is able to come to a nearby Sony Store to support the cause, even if you are not usually involved with Anonymous. This is not just about Anonymous – this is about your rights.
If you wish to attend, be sure to check on your local laws and regulations regarding hiding your face during protests and, if allowed, cover your face, whether it is the usual Guy Fawkes masks or some other form of facial covering. Of course you can always wear a mask, even if it’s prohibited by law – but be aware that this can pose a serious legal risk. You should also be aware of potential ‘saboteurs’, whether from police forces / corporate security, or Sony itself.
If needed, get into contact with others in your area that are going to protest (for example through IRC or the Facebook page), and make preparations before the actual protest takes place. Set up a ‘legal team’ that consists of at least 1 person that does not take part in the protest itself, who is in contact with a lawyer. Make sure the phone number of the ‘legal team’ is written on your arm with something like permanent marker, to make sure you cannot lose it in a full body search – better safe than sorry. It is also a good idea to make sure your ‘legal team’ stays in contact with other anons, to keep everyone updated about the running protests, as well as possible arrests.
For more important information on protests, you can refer to (here you can also find important tips to keep yourself safe). While this document is aimed at the United Kingdom, the situation in other countries will often be similar, however, it is always a good idea to check your local laws and regulations. If you have any questions, you can always ask them in the IRC (chat) channel.

Let us show Sony that all information is free and that we own the things we buy, now and forever.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.



(angrynewsfromaroundtheworld) actforfreedomnow – 08/04/2011 – We live in a time of war. A time where the oppressed receive a full on attack from state and capital it is of imperative need to realize from which position we speak and which side we support with our word our and action. With this fact we can see a blurry vertical line that separates the two fighting camps and becomes clearer each time those below dispute the decisions of the dominance and receive their repressive violence, therefore also are revealed the cohesive bonds between those fighting against these decisions. We do not support with indiscrimination whoever fights. However, the violence of the state should be answered with violence. Each tenacious and uncompromising fight against the interests and the plans of the opportunists, and in favour of the freedom of people to determine their lives as they want, strengthens the social entropy and it does not cease to be on our side since we see this bisector line from the camp of the former.
Solidarity, whose significance is degenerated by the excessive use of the word from all sorts of populist demagogues, apart from being a component with which human societies were created and evolved, is also a very powerful weapon for the camp of the below in the social war. It becomes particularly dangerous for the enemy when it is expressed factually and its carrier seeks to transmit the corresponding political message to as many as possible wider layers of oppressed.
At 4.20 in the morning of 30/3 we attacked with hammers the subsidiary branch of Eurobank in our city as token of solidarity to the fighting residents of Keratea and in order to send a political message -proof of existence of people that think and are ready for action- on both camps. According to its bulletin, Eurobank possesses 40% share of the stocks of MESOGEIOS A.E. which is the main constructor of HYTA in Keratea. The residents of the Lauriotiki region, who have been fighting for over 100 days and are recieving continuous barbarian attacks from the dogs of the bankers and contractors – yes, we mean the cops – resulting in the injury of citizens, destruction of their properties, a pregnant woman lost her child, have already begun a campaign of boycotting the particular bank. These things naturally are not heard neither are written in the guided governmental means of mass deceit. They are heard and written however in the independent means of information and at
The state has transported already much of its waste (3000) from the camp of the MAT (riotcops), to Keratea. Its time they take these and the rest, go and burn them in the courts, the police departments and Parliament. Keratea we are with you!
In Solidarity

by Sysiphus