Anonymous Operation Want takes on NASDAQ OMX and Sweden’s Wallenbergs. Is Assange a trade deal?

( Was WikiLeaks publisher, Julian Assange, part of the commodity trade deal on December 16, 2010?
Washington, D.C. – On Friday, April 1, 2011, an Operations Department of Anonymous, has launched “Operation Want” by providing to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission detailed information on the corruption occuring within the NASDAQ OMX Group and their proposed changes to laws that specifically benefit Sweden’s Elite Wallenberg Family
What is Operation Want?
Operation Want is an online think-tank of Anonymous researchers, writers and artists that are specifically interested in transparency of government and the political relationships between Sweden and the U.S. concerning the case of Julian Assange and the coordinated smear campaign against WikiLeaks.
Anonymous is an online confederation of free speech, internet freedom and freedom of information activists. Our goal is absolute transparency of governmental and corporate activities for the benefit of the public of each nation they are in. We believe this case, while it may be obscure to the average citizen, actually will promote their welfare in the near and long term.
Operation Want began as a freelance investigation into  the reasons and persons behind the international charges filed against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Why were apparently fraudulent accusations that were dismissed and forgotten reopened? Why did Interpol become involved, rating him at their top red level?  Why is the Swedish judiciary pursuing Assange with such ferocity? What interests are involved in this case? What is their motive?  Through assessing all of the published Wikileaks cables from the Stockholm Embassy, we believe we  can illuminate the machinations as to who has the means and motive.
NASDAQ OMX Group is valued at over $14 trillion. The makeup of the 15 member Board of Directors has lost their balance between industry, non-industry and public interest. For the past five years there has been a power struggle over control and a considerable amount of personal greed. Two of the wealthiest 1% are fighting for ultimate control at the expense of the public trust. The end-game of the struggle within NASDAQ OMX will result in a Swedish-based cartel, which will prevent majority voting abilities within  the world’s largest global financial trading body.
When corporate and personal self interests dominate, the public’s welfare is disregarded, and they are left with picking up the bill. Peoples of the Western Nations are currently dealing with the ramifications of  government bailouts of “too big to fail” banking and Wall Street institutions. Education, Health and Welfare programs,
Public Worker benefits and pensions, and regulations protecting the food supply and the environment are cut. The middle class is continually being degraded via wage and benefit reductions, and fewer opportunities. Governments turn to austerity measures which only impact the working man and woman, leaving them less and less able to cope, leaving the elite classes insulated from the global economic reality. The risks of there being one more “too big to fail” financial institution, such as NASDAQ are astronomically incalculable.
Anonymous, through  Operation Want has taken action, via legal representation, to oppose NASDAQ’s proposal to change the laws that are in place, for the public’s interests and  that of transparency. We cannot stand by and do nothing while the Wallenberg-led  “Cartel” is plotting to hijack the largest stockmarket in the world. It appears that Mr. Assange is but one more commidity to be traded by the Swedes.
Here is a copy of full letter 27 page, including Exhibits,
that has been submitted to the SEC, by legal counsel, on behalf of  Anonymous Operation Want and supporting non-profit organizations that oppose the  NASDAQ proposal to expand the size of the board to allow an additional Wallenberg company director to have a seat on the board. This comment letter is comprehensive and extensive.
We are Anonymous.
Anonymous is Everyone.
Anonymous is Everywhere.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
We are Legion.
Expect us.


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