Japan uses debris to generate power

(dawnwires) The Japan genius continues to shine through all the gloom as the government proposed to generate over 10MW of power through burning of debris. The Japanese agricultural ministry is planning to use wooden debris from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami to generate power. The ministry hopes the effort will compensate for electricity shortages expected this summer.

The ministry says 100,000 tons of wood can produce about 10,000 kilowatts of power. It says 75 percent of about 25-million tons of wreckage is wood.

A draft supplementary budget for the reconstruction effort, to be submitted to the Diet this month, will include about 3.6 million dollars to buy heavy machinery to clear the debris. The funds would cover half the cost of operations by local governments and private companies.

Six power generation facilities in the Tohoku and Kanto regions have already shown interest in making wood chips from debris.

Source: http://dawnwires.com/politics/this-is-why-japan-is-japan-use-debris-to-generate-power/

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