(eagainstWe welcome all those who respond to our call, whites, blacks, Indians, yellow… whatever language you speak, wherever in the world you live … Let us rebel! The Egyptian people, the people of Tunisia, show us the way. Dictators are installed everywhere. Whether they cover themselves with the veil of democracy, or not. Money and profit lead us to catastrophe. Our life is regulated and controlled by a handful of technocrats. A small minority that wants us isolated in our private sphere. We are feed with the poison of this shameless hypocrisy called morality. In the name of this “morality” and any social imaginary / determinism as the dominant ideology has imposed, we sacrifice any value for a drop of false happiness.

What were the lessons of the theocratic medieval societies and the totalitarian regimes of Hitler and Stalin? During these years nobody could dare to challenge the ruling class.Today, however, we experience a new form of oppression. It is not only the state violence, poverty, injustice and wars, things pretty much we see before our eyes almost every day. Not only the criminalization of every form of spontaneity and reaction against the system, that our rulers plan to impose, neither that the modern emperors dissolve countries, invade homes and bomb cities! It is the stance of our society and our place in it. We have sunk into apathy and conformism. The vision of the Western world for endless prosperity – a prosperity that was built up upon the slavery of Africa and Asia – has collapsed. We build invisible walls between us in order to imprison ourselves in them. We find asylum there, we forget the problems of this world, there we feel that we are not being touched by anything. Wars, misery, hungers, those problems are far away from us, away from the safety of our four walls. We live to work… to work tirelessly for a bunch of rich technocrats, these murderers of any creative imagination. The ancient kings had slaves, servants who were begging for a drop of freedom. The modern kings have slaves that are volunteers! This minority has taught us not to despise things. According to them, it is counter-productive and therefore immoral to criticize this rotten world. Values, such as autonomy, democracy, equality, egalitarianism are fading day by day, in a society that produces human machines. Any reference to human rights is regarded with suspicion.When was the last time you found yourself wondering about these concepts? Or rather, when was the last time you really challenged the society of the spectacle, apart from some irrelevant gossip? When was the last time you tried to break these walls, and see beyond at the real happiness?

How will we fight back these little dictators, the various of demagogues and the thousands of rotten minds that doom us in bigotry, racism, xenophobia and fear? How will we ward off those who call this cultural destruction as progress, handing us a pseudo-rational society? You should know the rulers do not always kill those who fight their power. On the pretext of a questionable morality that society blindly accepts as perfectly normal, these people are called fringes and parasites. We, therefore, the people of the fringe, believe the time has come to speak out. Why anonymous? Because, as the face of this sham democracy will live behind overpaid journalists, behind armies, police forces and salaried bogeymen, then the face of the truth will always be hidden behind the anonymity, behind a bright screen or behind balaclavas. Moreover, it doesn’t really matter who we are. What matters is ideas and values. These remain unspoiled. People do not.

Let’s stop being afraid of the darkness, cemeteries, ghosts and the dead. Let’s stop thinking that the earth is flat. Let’s look at the future of this world today. Let’s understand that justice, autonomy and freedom are not just mere words in books and encyclopaedic dictionaries. Let’s create communities where WE will decide for US. Let’s hear the sound of the drums, playing to the rhythm of those who are forsaken, to become an echo of many voices of peace. Let us all live together peacefully, without profit to poison our minds. We demand equality for all people of this planet, food, water and home for all. The world’s resources are enough to cover us all. Let us unite in the squares around the world, to win our independence and equality, with all and for all.

We are us, we are you, we are all…

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  1. Keegan said:

    Technocrats? We aren’t ruled by scientists or professors. We are ruled by bankers and CEO’s. Technology can eliminate scarcity which is what makes monetarist obsolete in the first place.

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