( After the raids on squats and social centres in London this morning [see here] ahead of the Royal wedding, and Brighton earlier in the week, the police this evening have arrested at least three people we know of as a precaution against trouble at tomorrow’s royal wedding. Chris Knight, the outspoken and eccentric academic who has been providing the press with much of the coverage against the royal wedding, [see here] is one along with two others.

Another, known affectionately as The Executioner because of his habit of wearing a full executioners costume on anti-monarchist demonstrations, was arrested for apparently ‘conspiracy to cause a breach of the peace’. Given that breach of the peace is a situation rather than a criminal act, it will be hard for the police to justify detaining someone in prison for the duration of the royal wedding on such a basis.

Breach of the peace has been defined in law as needing to be ‘imminent’ to legally justify holding someone against their will. As far as we are aware no-one has been charged with a criminal act.

The raids this morning of several squatted social centres around London provided no evidence that anything was being planned by any anarchists for the royal wedding. The pre-emptive arrests tonight of known individuals seems to be the second phase of a political policing operation to ensure the ceremony passes off without opposition.



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