Solidarity Actions for the “Bombs Case” Prisoners

( Since February 21, the ten people locked up and awaiting trial for the “Bombs Case” used by the Chilean state to attack the anarchist struggle, have been on hungerstrike.

The week of April 14-21, they called for international solidarity actions, and were obliged in Seattle, Olympia, Montreal, Madrid, Barcelona, Nottingham, Krakow, Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz (Bolivia) and elsewhere.

On April 28, the Chilean consulate in Barcelona was occupied and hung with banners as another group of people cut the street outside. The police reacted forcefully and identified a number of people but in the end no one was arrested. The statement about the action concludes, “Finally, with this small gesture we wish to send warm greetings to the comrades in prison for the bombs case, to the Mapuche prisoners, and to all those who resist this prison society that tortures and murders.”

Around the same time, word arrived that the comrades in Chile were ending their hungerstrike. We are awaiting an official announcement from the prisoners themselves, but the news is good: their case has been closed, which means no one else can be charged in the “Bombs Case” and they will be released from prison awaiting trial, either to house arrest or provisional liberty.

Below are the names of the comrades who were on hungerstrike, and translations of communiques for several solidarity actions.

Andrea Urzúa
Mónica Caballero
Rodolfo Retamales
Felipe Guerra
Camilo Perez
Carlos Riveros
Omar Hermosilla
Vinicio Aguilera
Francisco Solar
Pablo Morales

Barricades in San Miguel

This Thursday night, 14 April, we made the best of the darkness, a few liters of benzine, trash, and a whole pile of tires, using them to make a barricade in the intersection of Santa Rosa and Departamental Avenues [Santiago, Chile], in solidarity with the prisoners of the politico-judicial frame-up known as the “Bombs Case,” who have been on hungerstrike since 21 February. This action was completed in no more than 1 minute, disappearing from the scene instantaneously, leaving a raging fire and pamphlets calling for the release of our comrades. May actions of solidarity multiply everywhere and in every way.

Freedom for hungerstriking political prisoners abducted in the jails of Capital

–Combatants of Hatred and Desperation


During the night between the 13th and 14th of April, a homemade explosive device was set off at the Treasury of the Social Security in the neighborhood of Pilar [Madrid, Spain].

In the situation we currently find ourselves in, which is just another turn of the screw of this system, we believe we have the obligation to take part and become conscious of the reality we inhabit.

The capitalist and democratic system and its crisis, inherent to it, has taken huge steps in the last few years against the working class, but above all in the last months with the Labor Reform and the social cuts. Despite all these aggressions against that which our comrades fought for in the past and against those of us who are fighting now, it seems as though here nothing happens, nothing changes, no one lifts a finger. All of Europe is rising up fighting and sparking revolts while here we resign ourselves and wait for the storm to pass.

We have taken action because if we do not, no one will do it for us.

We attacked the Treasury of the Social Security because it is a clear symbol of the State, of that which they rob from the workers. Because it is another symbol of Capital and the oppression we are subjected to every day.

We hope to encourage everyone to organize and take the initiative in destroying everything that oppresses us and in creating alternatives.

We also wish to remember our Chilean comrades who are being held hostage for the “Bombs Case.”

Madrid, April 2011

Excerpt from a communique by comrades in Santiago, Chile

The night of Thursday, 21 April, after those locked up for the “Bombs Case” frame-up had completed 60 days on hungerstrike, without any response from State-Capital, a group of individuals armed with our hearts flooded with the yearning for liberty, a few flyers, hammers, benzine, and our indomitable and insurgent dreams, decided to disturb the social order and the complicit silence of the citizenry in the face of these egregious frame-ups against those who struggle for freedom, by attacking a BBVA bank branch located on the intersection of Rodolfo Phillipi and Alameda, in the very center of Santiago, destroying its windows and then throwing in gas and lighting it on fire, demonstrating to this disgusting society that we are more than moveable merchandise in the market, and that their logic of money is only perpetuated when they themselves naturalize it. Barricades were raised on the southern side of Alameda, blocking traffic and throwing flyers about the situation of our brothers and sisters in prison and for their immediate liberation (we want to say that at no point was public transport attacked, as the bourgeois press tried to claim, for if that had been our intention multiple minibuses would have been destroyed), subsequently several slogans were shouted in solidarity with the prisoners of the bombs case and traffic was blocked for a few minutes to allow the escape of the insurgents.


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