US: Pizza chain attacked for exploiting workers

( Early on the morning of May Day, Boston anarchists smashed the windows on three Upper Crust Pizzerias. This chain was targeted because the owners of the chain have been making millions of dollars while exploiting their immigrant employees. This high end pizza chain has been caught:

-Underpaying workers for overtime,
-Paying Department of Labor ordered compensation for the owed backpay and then deducting it from the workers weekly paychecks,
– Importing and housing immigrants only to illegally exploit them for cheap labor

This action was done on the morning of May Day to both stand in solidarity with Upper Crust workers as well as celebrate the international day of worker and immigrant rights and struggles, which are still going on today.

This struggle is a result of the inherent oppression within the capitalist system and will not end until this system is dismantled and replaced.
We carry with us the memories of our martyrs.

No Borders
No Bosses
No Capitalism


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