Greece: Fascists attempted to racist pogroms, over a migrant killing

( A massive pogrom against immigrants and anarchists took place yesterday in Athens.Everything started when early morning a murder of a Greek citizen took place near Viktoria Square in the city center. Around afternoon people from the area gathered at the spot of the incident to make a peaceful protest against all the things that are happening in their neighbourhood (drugs, prostitution and things like that which on most of the times are done with the blessings of the police). Immediately there was a call from fascists, nazis and right wingers who took advantage of this tragic death, trying to pursue a racist pogrom. Obviously, they didn’t let this opportunity for votes to go into the drain, calling that the murderer was an immigrant. In total there were around 300 people gathered there, including neighbours and fascists.

At that point of time things started to get out of hand. The fascists started to attack every immigrant on their way. Anarchists that were alerted and gathered at Skaramagka Squat, which is located a few meters from Viktoria’s Square. The squat was attacked by approximately 30-40 fascists (see the video below) with the police giving them a little help, but eventually none of them went inside the squatted building and their attack was repelled by some anarchists. Another attack also took place to the squatted building of Villa Amalias. Witnesses say, they used fire-crackers in both squats, but without causing any serious damage. The police prevented the fascists to come face to face with the anarchists and other activists who were present inside the buildings.


In total, around 24 people were arrested (one from the fascist side). Many right-wing extremists headed towards Omonoia Square, hitting and hunting down every immigrant. The police tried to confine the situation to the center of Athens. Some fascists wanted to march to Exarcheia Square – which is traditionally a neighborhood of people with alternative lifestyle – but giving it a second thought they abandoned this scheme.

Things begun to settle down (at least that’s what local media were saying) around 22:00, but from eye-witness reports, many pavements in the centre of Athens are covered with blood.


It should also be mentioned, that there were people opposed to the presence of the right-wingers, made it clear that they didn’t want them and that it was too obvious that the right-wingers were trying to fish votes from this incident. As it is understandable, many citizens of Athens have lost hope, while others show a lot of anger because of poverty and crime. However it is not true what the mainstream media try to present, that all the Athenians are adopting the nationalist propaganda.

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