Spain revolts on the eve of the elections

( The ‘Spanish Revolution’ kicked off today with greater ardour than ever before, given that in the city are now just 24 hours until the results of the local and regional elections are known.

Over 1,000 people formed a human chain in the region Valencia city hall this morning and again at 16.00hrs, and the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid was rammed to bursting.

Their protests centre on corruption and the disastrous state of Spain’s job market – the worst in history with over five million on the dole, translating as 21 per cent of the population and almost half the under-30s.

In fact, for numerous, their dole money has expire and even middle-class families are being forced to eat in soup kitchens and the highest-qualified living on the street after their houses were repossessed.

Despite all this, no government  in the land  appears to be taking positive action to create steady jobs with real opportunities.

Protestors say Spain is likely to go down  the same path as Greece, Portugal and Ireland, all of which have needed multi-billion EU bailouts.



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