Daily Archives: 26/05/2011

( With an estimated 20,000 taking to Athens’s central Syntagma Square and 5000 massed in Thessaloniki, the country’s second largest city Greeks has been protesting against the latest round of asuterity measures and the performance of the country’s political caste in general.

“With slogans such as Let’s burn that bourdello, the parliament” and “We are nobody’s hotel maid” thousands took over central roads and squares in a mixture of serious protest and street party. Despite the level of anger and upset many feel the Aganaktismenoi (Indignant) as they call themselves staged peaceful protests with no reports of clashes.

TRhe campaign which takes inspiration from similar protests in Spain has used Facebook, Twiiter and blogs as well as more traditional media to get people out onto the streets and has given a focus to growing discontent Greece’s embattled population feels not only with its crditors but also the ruling PASOK party who have imposed round after round of public spending cuts,tax hikes and lay offs.

With VAT now being levied on even basic food items such as bread, milk and meat many household are worrying if they can make ends meets in an economy which is shedding jobs at an unprecedented rate and seems to offer little in the way of hope for people.