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Last night Inside Out Security in New Basford had it’s windows smashed.

We did this because they are responsible for making surveillance equipment that watches us everywhere we go. They are specifically responsible for a large number of CCTV cameras in schools around Nottingham. These cameras in schools further stigmatise and terrorise the young, positioning them as the dangers to each other, training them to become used to being watched, controlling their behaviour and taking away their freedom. Instead of encouraging the young to love and live with wild passion this society is caging them- forcing them into lives not of their choosing.

We want to destroy these companies that profit from the sickness of social surveillance on behalf of capitalism and the state.

We also did this in solidarity with those who resist the G8 and G20 conferences occurring in France this week. While the government leaders from around the world discuss ways to keep their power, we will fight their systems of oppression that are all around us.

So their surveillance is there to protect us? Fuck that. Their cameras exist to make us live in fear, to do as we are told, to make us feel alienated and scared of one another. The surveillance system is there to serve the interests of the rich and protect their property, power and capital.

We see something that destroys our freedom, our relationships with each other and we wish to get attack it with the means we have available. So whilst this was a small act of defiance, quickly remedied in part by their insurance, we carry out this act because of the very fact that we search for freedom from all forms of social control. Every time we see similar acts of rebellion, from throwing rocks at cops to the burning of a prison, a smile spreads across our face and recognition that the attack against this society of domination continues. We will continue our participation in this attack, because it is our passion- settling for a life of meaningless subordination is not an option for us, not when all around us are examples of our friends, families and ourselves being continually fucked over by rampant capitalism, and the colluding state.

We must look to each other with love and solidarity.

We must destroy what keeps us apart with rage.

Against the prison society.

For total freedom.


( Hamas praise ‘courageous decision’ to allow Palestinians first free passage out of Gaza for four years

Hundreds of Palestinians are expected to head to the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt on Saturday to take advantage of the first free passage out of the blockaded territory in almost four years.

The opening of the Rafah crossing was agreed by Egypt as part of the reconciliation deal it brokered between rival Palestinian factions Hamasand Fatah last month.

Men aged between 18 and 40 will be excluded from leaving Gaza without an entry visa to Egypt. All others will be able to pass without restrictions. The Rafah crossing will be open from 9am until 5pm daily, excluding Fridays.

Access into and out of Gaza has been highly restricted since Hamas took control of the territory in June 2007. Exit to Egypt has been sporadic and largely limited to people needing medical treatment and students. Many Gazans have family and business connections in Egypt, and a rush of people attempting to cross the border is expected.

Hamas welcomed the move by the Egyptian government. It was “a courageous and responsible decision which falls in line with Palestinian and Egyptian public opinion”, said spokesman Fawzi Barhum in a statement. “We hope that it is a step towards the complete lifting of the siege on Gaza.” Read more…

(Irish Times) Police fired rubber bullets on protesters in Barcelona today in efforts to clear them from the main square after more than two weeks of demonstrations against the political and economic situation in Spain.

Two people were earlier arrested and 46 received minor injuries as Catalan and local police tried to dismantle a camp in the Plaza de Catalunya.

Demonstrators have occupied the main square in the Catalan capital and have maintained substantial protest camps in other major Spanish cities since May 15th in a wave of outrage over the economic crisis, political stagnation and unemployment.

Dubbed the ‘movimiento 15-M’ (‘May 15th movement’) and ‘los indignados’ (the angry ones), the protesters have made formidable use of social media to promote their campaign. Protesters are using the Twitter hashtags #acampadasol and #spanishrevolution to highlight what is going on minute by minute.

The Spanish national newspaper El País  reported that police moved into the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona early this morning to clear the protesters temporarily to allow “cleaning” of the area for health reasons.

But the protesters refused to move to allow cleaning crews in, instead claiming they were being “evicted”.

Police surrounded a group of about 200 protesters while cleaning crews removed the camp, including bedding and tents.

El País  said dozens of youths remained on the perimeter of the square attempting to block police vehicles and cleaning services.

Police opened a passage for vehicles at the Ramblas side of the square – the side leading to the main pedestrian thoroughfare through the city centre.

A total of 46 people, including one policeman, were slightly injured. Five were transferred to hospital.

Hundreds of protesters also continue to occupy the main square in Madrid, Puerta del Sol.

Spain’s ruling Socialists were hit by massive losses in local elections last weekend and now have to balance voter anger over high unemployment and investor demands for austerity measures.

The elections left the Socialists out of power in most of the country’s cities and almost all of its 17 autonomous regions.

Prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has nevertheless pledged to stay on to the end of his term in March next year.

Demonstrations are set to take place in Dublin and Cork at 2pm tomorrow in a display of solidarity with the Spanish protesters.

The protests have been organised by members of Ireland’s Spanish community and by local people who support the ongoing protests in Spain.

Organisers have banned flags and political party banners and have urged that there be no violence or alcohol/drug use.