Interview with a Spanish Anon

(Vanzetti’s Ghost) So this is a long overdue translation of an interview I did a while ago with a Spanish participant in Anonymous and #OpSpain. For reference, the law the anon talks about is the “Ley Sinde” or the law approved by the Spanish Congress, which among other things, gave the government unprecedented control over the internet… I did my best with the translation, so without further ado…

Vanzetti- So what in your opinion is the situation in spain? What motivated you today to find this irc?

Anon- The Spanish government is totally subject to the power of industry, they say that the law is to stop downloads, which they call ‘illegal’. But the truth is that they want control of the internet, they want to control it like television, they want to control the people. And this is why Anonymous exists, to defend rights, to defend the culture without shackles. And responding to your second question: Anonymous is not saught, it’s not found. Anonymous: he is the one that finds you.

Vanzetti- next question, in your opinion what is the role of these “online protests” including DDoS? Do they help or hurt real life demonstrations? What do you perceive as their effect?

Anon- The role of the online protests, is equal to the traditional protests, to demonstrate a non-conformity with an act, non-violently. First, the DDoS attack against the “Law”, has a clear declaration: If they close web pages, so will we”. It’s same as a traditional manifestation, what is sought is to make a lot of noise, that the citizens will listen to us and be able to see beyond the effects. That the manifestations of Anonymous are quite effective. They are as effective as taking down the “Law” in the Senate, or we will make Alex of the church (actual president of ‘La Academia’) resign from office, to understand what has happened with this “Law”.

Vanzetti- if you don’t mind me asking what are your personal political beliefs? I know a lot of people here have trouble with those labels. But if you had to choose where would you put yourself on the spectrum?

Anon- Political party?

Vanzetti- political party or personal beliefs

Anon- I have always defended a phrase of Abraham Lincoln: Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Which is, more or less, what Democracy represents. But in these times, thanks to the internet, the people are waking up, giving themselves an account that this is not a Democracy, rather a tyranny. Personally I think that we must rebuild the government. Clean and start from 0, to culminate in a [this answer seems incomplete now that I translate it. No way to see what the anon was going to say. The feel of it is obvious though. Continuing…]

Vanzetti- the last question being: anyone with access to news has seen the growing role the internet is playing in movements for social change. To you, what is the role of a free internet? What about it is worth saving?

Anon- Internet, like they say about Anonymous, is the future. We see each day, people that hate or have no idea how to use the Internet, all day they are in social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, or Tuenti for example. We see each time there is more demand for culture, and this is why that the citizens are encouraged to share. We want to grow like people, we want access to culture that isn’t unicameral. That no one limits your access to some sites and others not. That no one has to say to you that culture has to be consumed (We want a world without Belén Esteban). We want a free internet.

Vanzetti- Muchas gracias por la entrevista. Es un grand ayuda.

Anon- Gracias a Usted.

Vanzetti- i’ll try to do the situation justice

Vanzetti- thanks again see ya

Anon- Saludos.



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