China: Government Building Bombed out of ‘Revenge Against Society’

(eagainst) Two people were injured in a suspected revenge bombing at a government building in China, state media said on Saturday, the second such attack attributed to disgruntled locals in recent weeks.

The detained suspect, a man surnamed Liu, allegedly set off the explosion in the northern city of Tianjin on Friday out of ‘revenge against society,’ Xinhua news agency reported.

Two people were slightly injured in the incident at a municipal government building in the Hexi district of Tianjin, a major city about 100km (60 miles) southwest of Beijing, the report said.

Calls to the Hexi district government offices went unanswered on Saturday.

China sees thousands of protests and other public disturbances each year, often linked to anger over official corruption, government abuses and the illegal seizure of land for development.

Bomb attacks have been increasingly frequent in recent years and are typically carried out by individuals angry over perceived injustices, business disputes or other pressures associated with China’s rapid modernization.

by Julia Riber Pitt


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