How to Get Ahead in Life

(Mutualist Blog) One of the fastest ways to get in trouble is to respond to authority with logic.

If you look at the people who are at the tops of hierarchical organizations, the part of their brains that logically evaluates the pronouncements of people in authority has been inactivated — or at least they’re able to pretend it has. They advanced to the top because they learned very early in their careers to evaluate all statements, not on the basis of their internal logic or whether they made sense, but rather on the basis of the authority of the source.

What does this mean in practice?

Let’s say your CEO says: “We intend to focus like a laser beam on quality and customer service. Get to work immediately changing our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements to reflect this priority. In the meantime, we’re going to downsize half the customer service staff and then give ourselves a huge multi-million dollar bonus for increasing productivity.”

Now, if someone you regarded as an equal made such a statement, your likely response would be: “That’s completely self-contradictory. It’s a pig-ass stupid idea. You must have been fucked in the head by a rhinoceros with three dicks.”

But if your CEO makes such a statement, and you want to get ahead, you say: “Right you are, C.J.! That’s an absolutely brilliant idea!”


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