Hungary: Unions protest throughout the country

Tens of thousands of law enforcement personnel protest in Budapest; demonstration ends with march on President’s residence

Law enforcement employees ended their protest in a torch-lit demonstration in front of the Sandor Palace – the office compound of the Hungarian president – in Budapest’s Castle District on Thursday night.

One of the organisers announced that nearly 20,000 participants had symbolically withdrawn their votes from the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democratic party alliance.

Police officers, firemen and prison guards started their demo in front of Parliament in the afternoon in protest against restrictions to the early retirement system.

According to the organisers, trade union leaders Peter Konya and Kornel Arok, “winning a two-thirds majority in parliament does not authorise (the ruling parties) to pass laws with a retroactive effect, scrap constitutional rights and seize private property, dismantle democratic institutions and deprive millions of people of a steady livelihood.”

June 17th, 2011 ,
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Trade unions hold car rallies against planned gov’t measures nationwide

Trade unions staged demonstrations with cars in Budapest and in 15 county seats demanding immediate negotiations with the government on planned measures concerning labour, pensions, and education.

The organising Federation of Autonomous Trade Unions (ASZSZ), the Trade Union Federation of Professionals (ESZT), the National Federation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) and the Cooperation Forum of Trade Unions (SZEF) also staged protests in four other cities.

The unions protest planned changes to the Labour Code, saying that the modifications would increase the vulnerability of employees and would result in salary cuts.

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