Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle brings more than hope and pride

(anarkismo.netBil’in fence is moving and the Ni’ilin one will be moved too.

During the years, the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation brought some successes forcing the Israeli state to retreat a bit from initial steps of using the separation fence for annexation of Palestinian lands for colonialist settlements. However, the persistent struggles in Bil’in and in the near-by Ni’ilin were in the focus of the media [and in intensive participation of this writer the last six years.] Thus, with huge satisfaction we have seen the beginning of the moving of the separation fence in Bil’in and the media report on it and the coming moving of the fence in Ni’ilin. The relentless joint struggle continues in the heroic Nabi Saleh, in the persistent Ma’asara, in Beit Omar, in the Southern Hebron Mountain region, in East Jerusalem, and within Israel.

Beit Ummar Saturday 25.6.11

The weekly peaceful demonstration in Beit-Ummar set off on Saturday noon out of the village and next to the agriculture zone nearby the settlement Carmei-Tzur. In the demo took part approx 60 participants, Palestinians, internationals and 8 Israelis. The big number of IOF soldiers and border police waited to the protesters on the narrow road which goes up to the settlement (down the area where they usually Waite), but the protesters were smarter and branch out into two groups – one went directly inside the plum’s grove and the other continue climb up on the road and stopped in front of the soldiers. As usually the soldiers used violence in order to stop the protesters, that tried again and again to enter the agriculture’s areas around on the side of the road. After about 30 minutes the soldiers started to use sounds bombs, arrested 2 international activists and one Palestinian young guy, they also took the ID cards from 3 Israelis activists. After one hour the protesters left the area and the protest came to the end.…01802


Israeli army begins to remove the apartheid wall in Bil’in 22/6/2011

Israeli occupation forces began on Tuesday to dismantle the separation fence in the village of Bil’in west of Ramallah, (note that this fence is composed of three barriers) presumably To complete the dismantling and demolition of the wall in full until mid-July next month.
Photos by Iyas Abu Rahmah….95028

Emad Bornat video at…n.jpg

Friday June 24, 2011

“Over 50 Israelis and more internationals than I managed to count joined Palestinians protesters to finally remove the fence that separates Bil’in from its agricultural lands. Drummers, politicians (one Fayyad guy [head of Palestinian Authority] and one Barake [Israeli Palestinian Member of Parliament] dude), a sound system, flags of the DPFL, PFLP, Fatah and Mubadara, people in anti-skunk storm suits and some 300 protesters escorted a bulldozer that was on its way to remove the fence that the Israeli army was supposed to remove four years ago (according to the Israeli court) or seven years ago (according to the International Court of Justice), but only actually started removing this June 21. When the bulldozer reached the main gate and started removing it with its shovel, the soldiers panicked and started shooting barrages of gas directly at demonstrators and live bullets into the bulldozer. The massive amounts of gas pushed the protesters back injuring quite a few, but could not suffocate their celebrations of the pending removal of the (first line of the) fence.”

Ziv Oren (…tream
Mario Savio Album…46057
Haitham Al Khatib video

Bilin Sunday 26.06.2011 By Haithm Katib: finally … Demolishing the apartheid wall After the struggle of a six and a half years

Dir Quadis

There were additional demonstrations daily in Dir Qadis where the near by settler colonialist village Nili is expanded on robbed lands of the village.

Jerusalem – Al Kuds

The joint struggle continue against the expansion of transfer of Palestinian families in occupied east Jerusalem and replacing them by Israeli settler colonialist rightists

Silwan 23/6/11

Sheikh Jarrah Friday 24/6/2011 Demonstration at 16:00 Celebration at 19:30

Mario Savio…46057

Lior Ben Eliahu….42697

Action at the Book Fair as part of the international day against torture:…lpage

‎Al-Ma’asara 24-6-11

Photos by Jawad Zawahra (Album)….33494


Nabi Saleh

As you all know, this Friday we are planning a colorful demonstration in Nabi
Saleh. please remember to come as early as you can (around 8-9 am) and also to
bring materials that can be useful: colors, masks, kites, and any raw materials
that can be useful.

This week in Nabi Saleh, we and the March 15 activists, will dress in colors, we will have Balloons, face mask, face paints and we will fly freedom kites..
Be there with us in the Nabi Saleh and let’s make it a fun day for the kids.. Let’s make our freedom colorful. Bring Your colorful smile and join us in our struggle for freedom!!
P.S. There will be a workshop with the kids in Nabi Saleh to make the kites”

Friday June 24, 2011

AAtW (Anarchists Against the Wall): “This Friday Palestinian youth from the March 15 movement gathered early in the morning in the village of Nabi Saleh to prepare colorful kites, balloons, make-ups, wigs and masks as part of a fun day for the local kids, dubbed “freedom in colors”. Israeli army and police forces attacked the peaceful clown-looking children and youths with tear gas and stun grenades.”
Roughly 80 demonstrators, including about a dozen of Nabi Saleh children as well as international and Israeli supporters, held a colorful march through the village of Nabi Saleh, protesting the Israeli occupation and the settlers takeover of the village farmlands and spring. Just as soon as Israeli forces had the march on sight and only a minute into its start, demonstrators were attacked with tear gas canisters. An 11 year old girl was shot in the back with a tear gas canister shot through directly aiming at protesters.

After about 20 minutes of rounds of tear gas some demonstrators managed to get close by to the Israeli forces and join Nabi Saleh children, who were coming from a different direction to stand in front of the armed soldiers. An Israeli cameraman was detained during that time. Some children waived Palestinian flags which were twice violently grabbed from them and confiscated by one of the soldiers. The soldiers threw stun and tear gas hand grenades to disperse the singing children.

Soldiers stationed above one of the village’s hills shot a tear gas canister which almost hit a 4 year old kid playing next to his home. Adults rushed to calm and treat him for tear gas inhalation. Later on they carried him to its shooters for a closer look.

After a while, the Israeli soldiers started going up the village’s main street. They stopped next to one of the houses and broke into its yard, pushing its resident. The soldiers than left the house and went up towards the village’s center. In the meantime, demonstrators went the other way, towards the hill that overlooks the village’s spring. While sitting below a tree, demonstrators were attacked from behind by Israeli soldiers with tear gas hand grenades. A few people required medical attention for tear gas inhalation.

Even after the sun began to set, Israeli forces were still amidst the village, shooting at whomever was on sight and randomly at the village’s populated area. During these long sunny hours soldiers threw stun grenades at houses’ entrances and roofs, used tear gas canisters as large bullets shot directly at people, and close to the day’s end, also shot live ammunition above the heads of youths.

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Friday 24.06.2011
A weekly Ni’ilin demonstration was met with the intense tear gas attack, leaving dozens suffering from the consequence of inhaling the gas. Demonstration, organized by the Ni’ilin Popular Committee and joined by Israeli and international peace activists was held in solidarity with the political prisoners from the village held in Israeli prisons. The prisoners from the village, detained 17 months ago and sentenced on false charges, were moved from Ofer to Negev military prison.

Once the demonstration reached a gate in the apartheid wall, protesters started to knock on the door and demand that they are allowed to access their stolen land, which they have not seen for last three years. The soldiers reacted by attacking the peaceful demonstration with tear gas grenades, rubber coated steel bullets and sound grenades. One of the protesters was shot and dozens suffered from suffocation after inhaling tear gas.

Ibrahim Amireh, the coordinator of the Ni’ilin Popular Committee against the apartheid wall, said that the harsh treatment of the prisoners from the village was meant to destroy people’s spirit and hope. – But we will not stop defending our land and our dignity. We will continue to hold peaceful demonstrations, maintaining strong will and determination until we tear down the apartheid wall, put an end to the racist occupation of our land and we are able to live in a secure, just and peaceful society. – added Ibrahim Amireh.

Since the construction of the apartheid wall began on Ni’ilin land, the Israeli occupation forces have had conducted numerous raids into the village, arresting people in the middle of the night.

Between August 6th 2008 and December 1st, 2008 more than 157 people were arrested in Ni’ilin. Age: between 9 and 55 years-old. Israeli occupation forces raided villagers’ houses in the middle of the night, arresting people in an extremely brutal manner. During one of the raids, a mentally-ill person, whose brother was being arrested, was shot in the left eye with a rubber coated steal bullet. The man lost his eye.

Between May 1st, 2009 and August 27th, 2009 – 123 people were arrested.

Between January 1st, 2010 and July 26th, 2010 – 45 people were arrested. During this campaign, Israeli occupation forces detained three leaders of the local popular committee: Ibrahim Amireh, Zaydoon Srour and Hassan Mousa. They were sentenced to one year in prison and a bail of 9000 NIS in exchange for additional 9 months of imprisonment. There are still five villagers held in Israeli military prisons. Ni’ilin prisoners were sentenced to 4 to 28 months in prison and high bails.

Video at:

Road map to apartheid video

Tel Aviv

Tuesday 21.6.11 About 50 activists vigilled the offices of national housing company in Tel Aviv, to support a family that was evicted from its house in Jaffa the previous week as the company is “privatizing more and more houses.

This week, The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall initiative issued an urgent call for support:…port/
See Previous reports at:



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