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(eagainst) ATHENS 29-6 Several hundred people gathered in front of parliament early this day for a fresh protest against the Mid-Term IMF Programme. This was the second day of the 48hr general strike. Just like in many other times, (not surprised again) most of the Western media headlines talk about violent protesters, which is not true. There is no report about the Greek police, the starters of violence whose tactics look similar to a dictatorial regime.

There were also several witnesses of hooded officers who mixed themselves with protesters, marched together with them and caused unnecessary troubles in order to justify crackdown against peaceful demonstrators. Most of the Western media, ignore the fact that Greek police forces use expired and prohibited tear gases that are used only in occupied territories, and so powerful that they are banned for non-military use under the Geneva Convention. Metro officials, also, confirmed that police fired tear gas even at the entrance of the Syntagma square Metro station where doctors were giving first aid to victims of police brutality. The videos hosted in this article, confirm the incredible amount of police violence (attacks in places with restaurants full of tourists, an attack against a grocery store…).

Members of the Red Cross urge the police to stop throwing tear gases at the protestors

One of the most explicit attacks against peaceful protesters can be found in the video below (see 0:05)

A protester writes as the violence continues in the city. He has witnessed many brutal police attacks.

        After the first wave of tear gas many ran to the surrounding streets. I moved towards Mitropoleos and Nikis Street. The crowd was so dense that we were unbelievably packed up together. People flooded the streets everywhere I could lay my eyes on. They threw chemicals into the crowd.Unbelievable panic… The same happened in Ermou, Kar. Servias and Filellinon Streets – as comrades confirmed by phone.

Afterwards they attacked us with clubs. Two squads that were on Nikis Street and between Ermou and Mitropoleos, were poured out on these streets and started beating us mercilessly. They chased us like that up to Nikis and Xenofontos Streets. The people were many and there was no room. Some could not believe what was happening. They would go to the Riot police to talk to them and they would get beaten up. We were forced to break the pavements and massively attack the police with stones. They were all stoning, not just comrades… everybody! We all became “hooded” as our faces were burning from the tear gas. But they cracked down on us again.

Going in circles we reached Nikis & Mitropoleos Street again where a fierce stoning started. Some comrades lighted fires in rubbish bins to disperse the tear gas. Some were vomiting, old people were fainting… Hundreds of us were packed within few square metres and many were falling down. The Riot police launched tear gas on us and came upon us beating us while we were fallen down. They threw a sound grenade in a bin and it exploded with a tremendous clash, which ignited the fire. A shower of stones and two Molotov bombs kept them away for a while and we managed to get away.

After a while we reached the square through Ermou Street (which was packed in all its length). After the situation seemed to subside, the main attack started in Syntagma Square. Half of us found refuge in the Metro, the rest were scattered to every direction.

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