UK: Co-operative sector has grown by more than 25% since credit crunch – report

( From Scottish cyclists to Yorkshire farmers, thousands of Britons have turned their back on dog-eat-dog capitalism and opted to do things for themselves, according to a new report which shows the turnover of co-operatives has grown by more than 25% since the credit crunch.

Ed Mayo, the secretary general of Co-operatives UK, which represents the sector, said: “We’ve seen lots of new-start co-operatives emerge, which reflects a DIY type of culture.”

Until recently, the co-operative was regarded as an outmoded model. But since the limits of shareholder capitalism were brutally exposed in the recession, their all-in-it-together approach has won new converts.

“One of the things that comes out of the credit crunch is: how do we avoid this lemming effect of everyone doing exactly the same thing?” said Mayo.

The annual report from Co-operatives UK, to be published this week, shows that while big players such as the John Lewis Partnership and the Co-operative Group have been performing strongly, a new generation of smaller, grassroots organisations has also grown up.

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