UK: “Give Our Kids a Future” – A North London Unity Demo

( Around 2000 people gathered in Dalston (North East London) yesterday afternoon, before marching to Tottenham for a rally outside the town hall. The event was called by the ‘North London Unity Assembly’ which brought together more than 70 local community groups under the banner “Give Our Kids a Future”.

Crowds first gathered at Gilet Square in Dalston, where there they heard talks from an array of speakers. Links were made between austerity cuts, deprivation, inflexible and narrow education, poor employment prospects and other ills of capitalism/neoliberalism. Some speakers highlighted the hypocrisy of MPs calling for the “response of revenge” to riots while walking free from the expenses scandals. Others highlighted the billions lost to bankers who truly looted the world, and yet are still pocketing their infeasible bonuses. The excessive use of stop-and-search by police was blamed for alienating young people, and of course the IPCC was castigated for its total lack of independence, with hundreds of deaths at police hands and not one single conviction, and the lies unravelling over the death of Mark Duggan.

As the march walked the four-mile route up to Tottenham, police (mostly from outside forces) provided a low key accompaniment, but half a dozen riot vans were never far away in the back streets. Although the gathering was generally very good-natured and peaceful, some people questioned why a female police officer was videoing the crowd – her response was that she was only doing her job.

At the final rally outside the Tottenham Town Hall, there was an open microphone, giving dozens of people the opportunity to address the crowd for two minutes each.

Below: Videos and photo collection…

More photos, greek translation, source:

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