Anonymous: Message To The Citizens Of The World


Hello, my friends. We are Anonymous. If you are listening to this, then you are probably aware of your surroundings. If you are listening to this, you are the resistance. We have been watching the world as events unfold around you, and truth be told, we are highly displeased. The monstrosities carried out by governments all over the world on a daily basis is growing old, and we are here to bring these vile acts to light.

If you are afraid of your government, or afraid to wake up in the morning to a war-torn city. Whether your afraid of your life being lost because you’ve been tossed into pointless wars fighting for someone you will never meet or who will never care about you but the money he takes because of you, then you my friend, are Anonymous. If you are tired of watching the world, our only home, be ripped to shreds for an illusion of riches based on paper with false value placed upon it, then you my friend, are Anonymous.

We are humans, and value human life. This is why you, one watching this video, is here today. You want something more to life than to be born, grow up, make money, retire, and die, and all for nothing. What have you accomplished? What have you done then except become like the other 8 billion people who are going through the same thing? My friend, we know this is why you seek us. Because you, like most of the people around you, want change for the better. You want compassion. You want caring. You want less value on human possession and more value on human life! My friend, we know this is why you seek to become anonymous. It is because the idea of anonymous burns inside you like fire not known to this world.

The idea of Anonymous is the idea of freedom.

We are not just one single person, group, or community who call ourselves Anonymous. We are not just hackers like the media says and has corrupted you with it. We are you. We are your neighbors. We are your fathers, and your mothers. We are your sons, and your daughters. We are your aunts and we are your uncles. Your sisters and your brothers. We are the poor unemployed man, who is looking for his purpose in life and the food to put on his family’s table, as well as the lawyer, who fights for the accused under the court of law.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are United, and no one can divide us.

Expect us.


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