Flares & flash bombs fly in fresh Greece clashes

() Sep 11, 2011 – Police clashed with violent demonstrators in Greece’s second-largest city of Thessaloniki as more than 25,000 people ranging from taxi-drivers to sports fans joined a wave of anti-austerity protests, while Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou delivered his annual, keynote speech on the economy. Two people were arrested and nearly 100 people detained, police said, while at least two demonstrators were injured during the clashes. Fire bombs were seen being thrown at riot police opposite the university as they stood on the grounds of the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair where Prime Minister George Papandreou delivered his address.

  1. (AP) THESSALONIKI, Greece — Riot police fired tear gas Saturday to disperse anti-austerity protesters armed with flare guns, stones and sticks as clashes broke out in Greece’s second-largest city.

    From taxi drivers to sports fans, thousands of angry citizens were protesting in the northern port of Thessaloniki before the prime minister’s annual speech on the economy.

    George Papandreou’s government has imposed painful austerity measures — cutting pensions and salaries while raising taxes and retirement ages — to secure vital international rescue loans worth €219 billion ($302.6 billion). But its efforts to economize while reviving a fast-contracting economy amid record unemployment have faltered, sparking new market distress.

    Read more: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44467037#.TmuR2ew1agB

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