Daily Archives: 26/09/2011

(Anoncentral) The purpose of these boycotts would be to show solidarity towards a more democratic society while serving notice to the corporations who use us as disposable assets that we do not need them as much as they think we do.  Please consider sharing and participating.  Cheers.

     MONDAYS – Drink water when you eat out.  Drink whatever you want at home, or if you have lunch at mom and pop establishments because they’re finding it hard enough to survive as it is.  But if you go to some corporate chain restaurant, don’t ask for coffee or soda, just water – simply to show these big corporations we know how much profit they derive from the sale of beverages, and can shut down this aspect of their profiteering any time we want.

     TUESDAYS – Have a sleep over with friends and family.  Turn off the air conditioner (or turn down the heat), put a couple of lights on timers so potential theives cannot take advantage of you while you’re out, and spend the night with people you love.  The purpose being to show the utility companies that we very well may need them at this point in time, but only half as much as they think.  Plus it will serve notice that many of us are not happy with the dirty coal emissions and nuclear hazards associated with the current means of creating energy.

     WEDNESDAYS – Don’t buy gas, for obvious reasons.  Buy it as usual during the rest of the week, but refuse to line up at the pump and gulp down this environmentally dangerous product in the middle of the week.

     THURSDAYS – Ignore the media.  That’s  right, fuck ‘em.  Do not watch television, buy newspapers or magazines, go to movies, purchase music, attend any sporting events that are broadcast on what my grandfather called the Boob Tube, or use the internet for anything other than communication purposes.  Just to show the lying rat bastards that we’ve had enough of the smoke and mirrors bullshit they blow up our asses for the benefit of the ruling elite.

     FRIDAYS – Debate how wise it is to allow over 60% of this nation’s retail sales to revolve around a holiday that, whether you’re a Christian or not, has devolved into a capitalistic feeding frenzy of materialism.  Then if you should feel so inclined, suggest that we might boycott Christmas this year, if only to make a point about greed’s negative impacts on life.

     WEEKENDS – Relax, you’ve done a good job.