Police Attack Oakland Demonstrators With Tear Gas (Video)

(Propaganda Lalaland) ACAB. It really shows something when peaceful demonstrators are met with tear gas and eviction (methinks the pigs need to be confronted with more than signs and cameras). The police are clearly a tool of the elite class to protect property and power. What other reasons would they have to attack peaceful protests against the capitalist state? It’s fucking disgusting.

Source: http://propagandalalaland.blogspot.com/2011/10/police-attack-oakland-demonstrators.html

  1. (AlJazeera) Intense crackdown on ‘Occupy Oakland’ protest

    Early on Tuesday morning in Oakland, California, police raided a protest encampment that had been making local news for more than two weeks, by firing tear gas and flash-bang grenades into an area where hundreds had been sleeping.

    The Occupy Oakland protest, inspired by New York’s Occupy Wall Street, was opposing the government’s approach to dealing with a federal and local austerity crisis – which came close to closing numerous libraries and laying off about 500 local teachers in the past year. Five Oakland schools are scheduled to close down before the next school year.

    Occupy Oakland began with a 2,000-or-more person rally on October 9. A group of local labour unions quickly paid for port-o-potties, and after pressure from Occupy Oakland’s twitter account, rapper Lupe Fiasco visited to donate food and an electrical generator. A make-shift kitchen and barbecue made food available for free at all hours – donated by neighbourhood supporters – and a library was established with a steadily increasing number of books available to anyone. One rumour at the camp was that nearby homeless shelters had directed people without beds to the encampment where they would receive better services than at the shelter.

    Read more: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/americas/2011/10/20111026135124919772.html

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