#OccupyWallSt – Ten Thousand Massed at Foley Square, Thousands More En Route

(occupywallst.org) At 3PM, thousands of students, workers, and other supporters gathered in Union Square chanting “Shut the city down!” and using the People’s Mic to share stories of how banks and corporate greed have impacted the 99%. Simultaneously, Occupiers took to multiple subway stations in all five boroughs.

Students chanted “CUNY should be free!” and “Student Power!” as they took to the streets along 16th and 5th Avenue, shutting down traffic and leaving police powerless to respond. Police attempts to erect barricades along 5th Avenue failed to block the march. Banners reading “OCCUPIED” were seen along New School buildings.

Now, thousands are marching down Broadway toward Foley Square to join another large contingent of labor unions and fellow Occupiers. Despite a massive police presence and helicopters circling overhead, thousands of protestors have taken Foley Square. Thousands more are still en route, as marchers continue to converge on Foley Square and more pour from the subways.

Live updates/Source: http://occupywallst.org/article/thousands-gather-foley-square/

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

  1. OWS ‘Day of action’

    ­Massive rallies throughout the United States mark 2 month since the occupation began on September, 17, in Zuccotti Park, NY.

    The peaceful OWS protest in NY has turned violent. RT correspondents on the ground report that police have begun to arrest people brutally in Manhattan. RT producer Lucy Kafanov, who is on site in New York, is reporting clashes between police and protesters.

    Live Video + More: http://rt.com/on-air/ows-day-action/

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