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Clashes in Cairo (AP still)

( Clashes between Egyptian riot police and rock-hurling protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square continue Sunday. Military police, backed by armored vehicles, launched a new assault, using clouds of tear gas, rubber bullets and batons to disperse the crowd.
Two people are believed to have been killed and over 670 injured, while hundreds of army soldiers and police are trying to evict several thousand protesters from the square, dismantling their tents and tearing down their banners, AP reports. The clashes have been ongoing since Friday.

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(A Város Mindenkié) Around 30 citizens protested against a new law that would criminalize homelessness in Hungary by punishing “residing in public spaces” with a fine of several hudred euros or jai. On november 11, 2011, the protestors staged a sit-in at the office if the ruling party’s “rapporteur on the homeless” demanding tha he immediately repeal the law.