1. Hungary Illegalizes Homelessness

    Human rights activists and charitable organizations are outraged by a new law in Hungary that essentially criminalizes homelessness.

    According to European media reports, a new regulation that was first proposed by Mate Kocsis, an MP from the ruling conservative Fidesz party, homelessness will be punishable by up to a $600 fine or even imprisonment. If someone is found sleeping on the streets he or she would initially receive just a warning from authorities…

  2. Hungary outlaws homeless in move condemned by charities

    A new legal regulation has come into force in Hungary making homelessness punishable by a fine of around $600 (£384) or prison.

    MPs from the ruling conservative party proposed the regulation, on the grounds that Budapest could not cope with the large number of people on the streets.

    Critics, including charities for the homeless, say it is unenforceable and that hostels lack sufficient places.

    The Hungarian capital is said to have some 10,000 homeless people.

    According to an amendment to the local government act, passed by a strong majority in parliament last month, those found sleeping on the streets will first receive a warning…

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