From IMF-run Greece: autonomous strike of workers at steelworks factory in Athens enters its 35th day, as wave of solidarity spreads across Greece

( Greek Steelworks” (Elliniki Halivourgia) is a factory in Aspropyrgos, an industrial outskirt of Athens. The management of the factory announced its plan to the workers to enforce 5-hour working days with a subsequent pay cut of 40%, despite recorded year-to-year profit increase  of 30%. A General Assembly of the workers unanimously rejected the cuts, and the management subsequently fired 34 workers in revenge, on October 31st and November 1st. In response, the workers have staged an indefinite strike and occupation of their factory, that continues to the present day. Their demands are for the re-hiring of their fired co-workers and the cancellation of the cuts plan.

Their autonomous, grassroots struggle has been snubbed by trade unions and parties alike. Yet, it has found increasing grassroots support across the country. On December 1st, the day of the General Strike in Greece, people gathered in solidarity at the factory and on Saturday, December 3d a solidarity motorcycle demonstration was organised (see poster and post below). In the city of Volos, on the day of the General Strike, supermarkets looted – by people who left a communique behind, stating that the looted goods will be sent to the striking workers as a concrete gesture of solidarity.

Those who may wish to support the strikers can use the following bank account to do so:


IBAN: GR 40 0110 2000 0000 2006 2330 152
BIC or Swift Code : ETHNGRAA ( Bank Identifier Code )

Account holder: Dimitris Liakos (member of the workers’ union committee)



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