LEAKED: Bank of America Panicking over Occupy Our Homes

(Daily Kos) Occupy Wall Street is still going strong as the latest offshoot Occupy Our Homes is already making waves. December 6th is day of protest over the many crimes in fraudclosure and Bank of America, who has committed widespread fraud in the housing market, is rightly scared:


What story are they talking about? And who are they going to smear “researching”?

Bobby Hull, one of many Americans facing foreclosure by a parasitic gang of bailoutgarchs. Hull was profiled on the top of the Huffington Post today after two activists made the following video (referenced in BofA’s email):

Bobby’s story is one among millions right now in America. The people have been betrayed and exploited by the Banksters and their puppet politicians in DC (both parties).

It’s time to rise up. All day, All week, Occupy Wall Street.

Source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/12/06/1042826/-LEAKED:-Bank-of-America-Panicking-over-Occupy-Our-Homes


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