Daily Archives: 27/12/2011

( Recently we’ve learned about a former member of Anonymous who contacted the US Department of Justice (DoJ) offering his services in the apprehension of the hacktivist collective.

The one known as Tony Berman, or root, also promised to bring in information on Jacob Appelbaum, one of Tor project’s lead members, to help authorities prove that he committed wire fraud to fund Wikileaks.

At the end of his email to Assistant US Attorney Criminal Division Wesley Hsu he mentions that he also has information on pr0f, the hacker who allegedly accessed the systems of a South Houston water utility, posting screenshots of their human machine interface as proof.

“I have additional information that the SCADA hacker known as “pr0f_srs” is a college student residing in the country of Hungary,” Tony Berman says.

If this is in fact accurate, then the US authorities may be able to find the identity of a hacker that proved the DHS was right when they raised concerns about the security of national infrastructures.